12 Reasons to Stay at one of the best luxury resort in vietnam – Bamboo Village resort & spa

Perfectly combining the natural environment at the best luxury resort in vietnam which is built up with lots of creativity, love, and affection with modern service offered by the professional and friendly staff, Bamboo Village Resort & Spa is the right place for you when visiting the charming town of Mui Ne. Check out our top 12 reasons for staying in Bamboo Village and make sure to make your reservation in time!

1. It’s a place whose story you’ll fall in love with


Contrary to a large number of chain resorts that won’t offer you anything but average standardized services, Bamboo Village Resort & Spa is the best resort in Phan Thiet,vietnam you’ll immediately fall in love with. Being an independently-owned family-run business, Bamboo Village is a product of the brave decision of its owner to quit the day job and create something magical in Mui Ne. Obviously, she succeeded – the magic of Bamboo Village is spreading for almost two decades.

2. Bamboo Village is positioned as one of top ten 4-star beach resorts in Vietnam


The loveliness and quality of amenities and services offered in the intact natural ambiance of Bamboo Village have been recognized as the best spa provider not only in Mui Ne but in the entire country, as well.

3. The spectacular views of sunrise and sunset above the sparkling sea


Probably one of the most charming features of Bamboo Village is its gorgeous beach for which it is also recognized as best beach resort in Mui Ne. The beach will give you a unique experience of getting in touch with the calming unity of warm sun rays and the peaceful sea while they spread above it in majestic orange and red shades in the early morning or late afternoon hours.

4. The traditional Vietnamese ambiance of the accommodation


Bamboo Village has remained one of the most popular choices for travelers coming to Mui Ne because of the pleasant local spirit and atmosphere it spreads, making you feel as if you were born there, in the beautiful typical Vietnamese rooms, in thatched-roof bungalows with mud walls and open air baths.

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5. Bamboo Village Resort & Spa is recognized for sustainable development


Having in mind the visual identity and look of the resort based on the perfectly natural scenery, there’s really no reason for anybody to doubt the eco-friendliness of Bamboo Village. Bamboo Village isn’t the greatest resort because it provides everything its guests could need but because it does it at the same time caring for the natural treasures of the area.

6. The impressively diverse and lush botanical gardens


Maybe one of the main reasons why Bamboo Village is which is one of the many mui ne beach resorts recognized for sustainable development is the fact that from the beginning it has promoted the natural beauties instead of exploiting them. In the area of the resort complex, you’ll be able to admire numerous botanical gardens and 11 gorgeous water lily ponds.

7. The numerous benefits of luxury Water Lily Spa

Best spa in mui ne

Bringing the phrase “taking care of guests” to the highest level, Bamboo Village Resort which is considered as the best spa in mui ne offers the magnificent services of Water Lily Spa based on numerous types of exquisite treatments that will help you relax, rejuvenate, and bring out your inner beauty.

8. Perfect meals to quench your hunger in Strawy Restaurant


If you are a gourmand willing to explore the exotic Vietnamese tastes, Strawy Restaurant in Bamboo Village complex is definitely the place you are going to love. Offering the wide variety of local dishes and serving seafood freshly caught by the local fishermen, Strawy Restaurant will meet the demands of all guests – even the most choosy ones.

9. Village paths


Guests looking for a walking relaxation can have some really nice moments if they decide to explore the charming sleepy paths leading through the village, tucked away in the romantic lush greenery that spreads on the sides of the paths.

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10. Wellness with yoga & meditation


Another great advantage of the resort when it comes to relaxation is the spacious area for yoga & meditation activities, and the best thing you can do for yourself in Bamboo Village is to try everything you can. So, think about your perfect combination of incredible spa treatments and yoga & meditation seances and let the Bamboo Village professionals do their thing – we guarantee you won’t regret it at the best spa in mui ne

11. Kite surfing at the private beach of Bamboo Village


If you are looking for something more adventurous, have no worries – you can get it at Bamboo Village, too. Kite surfing, one of the most popular beach activities, will be taken to a whole new level at the private beach of Bamboo Village, which offers perfect conditions for it.

12. Organized day trips to some of the most spectacular attractions of Mui Ne


Representing the perfect combination of ocean, mountains, and white and red sand dunes, Mui Ne is definitely one of the places in Vietnam that should be thoroughly explored and observed. In order to provide you the best possible experience, staff at one of the best luxury resort in vietnam will arrange you an awesome day-trip excursion that you’ll enjoy from the first to the last moment. Fun, isn’t it?

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