5 Must Take-Home Souvenirs from Vietnam

You’re ready to pack your bags, your vacation is nearly over and you’re ready to go home… Yet, there’s this one thing left to do – and it usually isn’t the easiest one. Choosing the souvenirs!

To remind you of your exciting journey through Vietnam for the rest of your life (or until next visit!), the souvenir has to be well-chosen, but also fit in the (commonly) really limited space in your luggage.

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With a variety of objects that may seem interesting or have an inspiring story, picking the right souvenirs from Vietnam may be more difficult than you expected. That’s why we’ve decided to help you out and suggest some of the awesome things you can take with you as symbols of your travel adventure.

#1 Conical Hats

One of the most familiar cultural symbols of Vietnam, conical hat is made of bamboo and it’s an obligatory part of local people’s everyday life. It has a protective role, keeping them from heat and rain, and it’s especially useful for farmers working in rice fields.

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The conical hat style and ornaments vary as you move through the regions, so you can choose from numerous models at relatively low prices. One thing is sure – with a conical hat, you’ll be able to feel the Vietnamese spirit wherever you are.

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#2 Ao Dai

Especially loved by female travelers, Ao Dai is a long national dress that can be an amazing souvenir. It became a part of Vietnamese national costume in the 18th century, it has three main variations, and it’s still an incredibly important part of Vietnamese culture.

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Depending on your budget, you can find a plain dress for about USD 32, or have a custom-made for about USD 70.

#3 Guoc Moc

These wooden clogs represent both male and female traditional footwear in Vietnam. For a long time, women used to wear them with Ao Dai, and they made them seem more graceful.

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Having in mind that they are pretty old-fashioned, it’s not easy to find the authentic Guoc Moc, and that’s what makes them an even more valuable souvenir.

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#4 Silk

Vietnamese products made of silk are worldly famous. For centuries it was considered one of the most precious fabrics and as such, it was favorite in the circles of Vietnamese royalty.

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Today, even though it’s still considered a luxurious, high-quality fabric, it is pretty affordable and available to everyone, which makes it an amazing souvenir.

#5 Embroidery

Is there something more valuable than a handmade piece of culture that you can bring with you? The Vietnamese handicraft tradition is rich and diverse – it’s the art of dedicated local people with endless inspiration and skillful hands.

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These hand-embroidered clothes and framed silk pictures are frequently ornamented with natural motives, such as flowers, animals, trees, and birds, and there are also places where you can suggest the ornament idea, to make a personalized souvenir. The price of the simplest pieces starts at USD 6, so it can be an affordable souvenir as well.

Which of these souvenirs would you take home with you? Let us know what your favorite items from Vietnam are!

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