Adventurer’s Guide Through Vietnam (Part One)

Those of you looking for the exciting moments filled with adrenaline shouldn’t hesitate to visit Vietnam. The tourist offer of this amazing country offers various attractions and things to do to keep your adrenaline at the highest level. In this post, we’re talking about some of the most spectacular places you should visit if you’re looking for some really exciting moments. Stay with us and find out more about the best destinations for adventurers in Vietnam.

Mui Ne: Sandboarding Paradise

The fishing town of Mui Ne is one of the most incredible destinations that will blow your mind and raise your adrenaline, with its spectacular red and white sanded dunes. Occupying miles and miles of the area, the dunes are a great source of fun for numerous travelers. If you want to explore them completely, we encourage you to hire a quad bike and have an awesome ride while looking for a perfect spot for sandboarding. This is probably the most popular activity that will certainly keep you entertained.Mui ne is also famous for beautiful beaches & beach resorts one of the best beach resort in mui ne is bamboo village beach resort & spa.

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The coolest thing about Mui Ne and its beautiful sand dunes is the fact that your fun doesn’t have to end once you get tired of sandboarding. The lovely town of Mui Ne is also famous for some other sights, including Red Canyons and Po Shanu Cham Towers. Additionally, you can have some incredible relaxation moments in the charming ambiance of Bamboo Village beach Resort & spa. Here you can enjoy comfortable accommodation in the natural environment, taste the most delicious food and enrich your daily routine with some exquisite spa treatments.

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Da Lat: Canyoning and Abseiling Spot

We cannot talk about adventures in Vietnam without mentioning the spectacular waterfalls located in the middle of Da Lat. More than 25 meters tall, the waterfalls of Da Lat are hidden in the forests of this picturesque town. A walk down these waterfalls is probably the most exciting activity you will experience in Vietnam. Jumping off the cliffs and sliding down the gorgeous water slides will leave you breathless – they don’t call it the “Washing Machine” without a reason. In this area, you can also enjoy tubing and river rafting, which also are popular activities in Da Lat.

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Once you experience the Washing Machine, before you leave Da Lat, we also recommend visiting the Crazy House, which is listed as one of the top ten weirdest buildings on our planet. Weird enough? đŸ˜€


Cuc Phuong National Park: Wildlife Exploration

Is there anything more exciting than wandering the lush tropical forests abundant with a wide variety of species? In this stunning national park, you’ll be able to observe more than 300 species of birds and more than 130 species of mammal, as well as more than 120 types of reptiles.

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If you prefer exploring the flora, you’ll be thrilled to read that Cuc Phuong National Park represents home for more than 2000 species of plants, many of them rare and protected. Moreover, if you’re interested in trekking, this vietnam destination is an ideal choice for you.

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