Adventurer’s Guide Through Vietnam (Part Two)

In the previous post, we’ve told you about our top three destinations in Vietnam that are ideal for adventurous travelers. More about these Vietnam destinations you can find following this link. Today, we’re continuing our awesome journey through the most exciting areas in Vietnam in the same manner. Read on and find out what are some other incredible places that we’ll be mentioning in this part of the adventurer’s guide.

Sapa: Explore the rice paddies and local culture

The incredible green fields and terraced rice paddies of Sapa represent the magnificent surrounding for a great hiking experience. The majestic views of the area and local hill tribes are only some of the reasons for you to start your adventure in Sapa as soon as you can. Here, you’ll be able not only to test your hiking limits but also to get to know more about the local people and their way of living.


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If this is not adventurous enough for you, maybe it will be interesting for you to get in the shoes of local people. In other words, apart from going off the beaten track, you may also want to experience the local Vietnamese lifestyle by choosing homestay instead of hotel accommodation. While spending your time in a local homestay, you can ask to participate in regular daily activities, which is a great way to find out more about the locals.

Halong Bay: Experience junk boat cruising

Halong Bay isn’t considered the most incredible place in Vietnam and a UNESCO World Heritage site without a reason. With its numerous islands and islets, limestone towers, and mind-blowing caves, this area is a great place for the adventurous travelers. In this bay, you can enjoy kayaking and incredible cruises, both day and night ones. If you really want to do something adventurous and different, we encourage you to experience junk boat cruising. This way, while enjoying vietnam cruise halong bay, you will also have the chance for an absolute relaxation.

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Their simple appearance may make you think they really are hundreds and thousands of years old. However, what they offer is not only modern but exclusive and luxury at the same time – they are practically hotels, offering you majestic services.

Road Tripping: Enjoy the ride in the overnight buses

Even though you may not see anything adventurous about this, a ride on an overnight sleeper bus can be so much fun, especially for those of you who are into backpacking. Neglecting the fact it’s among the cheapest travel options, an overnight bus can have some more advantages, such as reclining seats and wi-fi connection (so that you can share your travel progress with your friends and family!).

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Additionally, you’ll be surrounded by other travelers and, therefore, you’ll be able to make some new friends while conquering the vietnamese destinations by road. This is especially awesome for all of you traveling alone.

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