The Best of Vietnam by Bamboo Village: Dalat Tour

Located 1,500 meters above sea level, the city of Dalat is cozily nestled in the lush of pine forests of Langbian Highland. Its fresh climate and intact nature are the perfect triggers for you to explore all of its beauties, and the best way of doing so is booking a well-organized Dalat day tour from Bamboo Village also referred as the best resort in vietnam. The tours last 12-14 hours and you’ll be able to enjoy the 360 km adventurous ride in both directions.


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What can you see on a Dalat tour?

With its idyllic simplicity and gracefulness, this mid-sized city will make you fall in love with its exquisite nature and numerous incredible things you’ll be able to see during the tour of thid vietnam destination. Below, we’re listing some of the sites you shouldn’t miss on your Dalat tour.

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Prenn Waterfall

Situated about 10 kilometers from Dalat, Prenn Waterfall is probably the most beautiful natural attraction in the foothill of Prenn Pass, sparkling over the basalt rocks, resembling a gorgeous water curtain falling among the gorgeous flowers and pine hill. Here you can enjoy elephant and ostrich rides and explore the enchanting small creeks, forests, and lakes.


Datanla Waterfall

Evidently, the area of Dalat can brag with numerous stunning waterfalls and what makes Datanla Waterfall especially popular is the fact it is pretty easily accessed. Rushing through the cliffs at the foot of the waterfall, the water of Datanla stream hugs the deep hole created between two extremely tall vertical cliffs. The impressive view will leave you breathless.


Trúc Lâm Zen Meditation Monastery and Robin Hill

To get the loveliest panorama view of Dalat City, you should visit the breezy Robin Hill and Dalat Cable Car Station. The magnificent view of the pine forests all across the valley and the tranquility of Tuyen Lam Lake with the enchanting Truc Lam Zen Monastery will make your exploration of Dalat an unforgettable experience. What you should do if you decide to visit Truc Lam Zen Monastery is dress respectfully. On the top of Phoenix Hill, you’ll be able to enjoy the serene scenery of the colorful flower garden.

dalat-04-1024x768Crazy House

Hollow stumps and stone slabs of the Dalat’s Crazy House will probably leave you surprised and confused. Resembling a fairytale house, it may seem as if a Wonderland house fell from the sky into this Vietnamese area. It is definitely one of the places that just grab your attention and that’s why you won’t skip it during your Dalat tour.


XQ hand embroidery village

If you like handmade objects, you’ll be more than happy to visit this village which may be considered as the temple of embroidery in this area. Here you’ll be able to observe hard-working women creating real artworks worth admiring.


Van Hanh Pagoda

This Buddhist building is not only the home of numerous monks and nuns, but it is also a culturally important monument, representing the Buddhist architecture style. Van Hanh Pagoda keeps some of the important statues such as Bodhisattva Maitreya statue, Bodhisattva Manjushree statue, Samantabhadra statue, Bodhidharma statue…

dalat-07-1024x811Useful information

  • The tour includes not only sightseeing but also a lunch based on delicious local specialties at Dalat Reststop.
  • At Dalat Reststop you can also taste and buy really nice Vietnamese tea and coffee – among them, you shouldn’t miss Chồn Coffee which is a real Vietnamese specialty.
  • You’ll be provided with paid entrance fees, one breakfast box, one set menu lunch, a bottle of water, an English or Russian speaking guide

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