The Best of Vietnam by Bamboo Village: Takou Tour

All of you looking forward to having a relaxing vietnam trip that will help you discover some of the nicest natural and religious places in Vietnam and overwhelm you with the loveliness of their intact ambiance should definitely join the awesome tour of Takou Mountain perfectly organized by Bamboo Village Resort also referred as the best resort in Mui Ne. Not only will you have fun exploring the beauties of the area but you will also be in the hands of really professional and friendly stuff. Let’s see what you’ll be able to explore during this tour!


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Enjoy the overwhelming intact beauty of Takou Mountain

Cozily situated in the area of Binh Thuan province, in Ham Thuan Nam District, Takou Mountain is probably one of the most stunning mountains in the area what makes it an exquisite spot for the restless travelers looking for some adrenaline, on the one hand, and an incredible source of peacefulness and tranquility, on the other one. About an hour away from Mui Ne, Takou Mountain represents a perfect suggestion of Bamboo Village for a half-day getaway from the coastal area once you decide you kind of want more than just being lazy on the beautiful sandy private beach of Bamboo Village.


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Hiking up the mountain and taking the gondola which will lead you through the exotic rainforest abundant with wildlife and incredible birds are some of the activities you must enjoy once you find yourself there.

Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda and the incredible Lying Buddha Statue

Charmingly tucked in between the natural beauties of Takou Mountain lies the well-known Linh Son Truong Tho Pagoda, hugged by the fresh mountainous air. This imposing Buddhist center was built in 1960 and it is probably one of the most beautiful religious buildings of this type in Vietnam. What makes it so stunning is the mind-blowingly enormous statue of lying Buddha, which is, with its 49 meters of length, the biggest statue in Vietnam!


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Surrounded by the picturesque scenery, the temple will enchant you with the magnificent panoramic view, so don’t forget to bring your camera to capture these beautiful places in vietnam- this area is ideal for making photo memories of your vacation in Vietnam. On the way back from Pagoda, you may want to get a photo taken at the Dragon Fruit Farm but know that you’ll have to pay for this photo if you want to buy it.

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As your trip comes to its end, you may want to buy something. The best place for doing so is Coopmart Supermarket, so if you want to have a quality shopping, you can get all you need at this supermarket in Phan Thiet.

Additional information

The price of the trip to Takou Mountain which lasts from four to five hours (around 70 km of distance in both directions) will provide you with the entrance fee and English or Russian speaking guide.

Easy wearing is recommended but notice you should dress appropriately for a visit to a religious temple – you don’t want to be disrespectful.


2 – 3 pax 1,056,000 VND/pax
4 pax or more

748,000 VND/pax

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