Delicious Bites of Vietnam – Part Four – Cooking Courses

Now that we’ve introduced Vietnamese cuisine and its varieties in different regions of the country, some of you may wonder what it takes for you to start preparing some of the exquisite meals from Northern, Central, or Southern Vietnam. In this blog post, we’re bringing you a pretty practical answer – you may want to take a typical Vietnamese cooking course.

A large number of these courses are offered all across the country and they won’t only provide you with new knowledge about foods of Vietnam but they’ll also improve your practical cooking skills. 


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What can you expect from a cooking course in Vietnam? 

Many people may have a fear of preparing meals that belong to Asian cuisine because of their complexity. If you decide to overcome this fear, joining a cooking course may be a great way of doing so. While most of them (and also the most popular ones) are half a day courses, some of them may last up to seven or eight hours providing you with in-depth knowledge. In these courses, you’ll be included in various activities.


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The majority of the cooking courses starts by visiting local markets and learning how to choose fresh and quality fruit, vegetables, and meat. Before the cooking process, you may also have a chance of exploring the way local people grow fruits and vegetables by visiting small local farms and maybe even participating in the regular activities in the fields.


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The core of the course is learning how to prepare rice, which is the indispensable ingredient of the national cuisine. This practically means you won’t leave the course without knowing how to make the popular rice noodles which will be pretty useful when preparing pho, beef and rice noodle soup.

Some other meals that are commonly taught during these courses are different types of wraps and rolls, as well as some simple traditional desserts. Another great part of the cooking courses in Vietnam is the opportunity of learning about the most popular herbs and spices and their use in different regions of the country.

Where should you look for a cooking course?

Although most of the people head to Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh city and they really provide some of the best chefs and some of the best experiences, you won’t make a mistake if you try and find some people giving lessons in the smaller towns. This means it’s absolutely up to you. In larger cities, you’ll be able to learn about modern tricks and techniques while towns offer some more traditional recipes and cooking styles.

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Recommended courses

Some of the best places where you can get cooking classes are Vietnam Cookery Center and Cooking Class by Hoa Tuc in Ho Chi Minh City, Green Bamboo Cooking School in Hoi An, as well as Mai Home – The Culinary Art Center. If you’re planning on joining cooking courses with your children, you shouldn’t be worried. Some of those places are kids friendly so all you have to do is inform yourself about them.

Happy cooking!

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