Delicious Bites of Vietnam – Part Three – Southern Vietnam

In the previous posts, we’ve talked about the mild cuisine of North Vietnam and the spicy meals from Central Vietnam. Today, we’re going to inform you what you can expect from Southern part when it comes to Vietnam traditional food. We’ll also show you some of the most popular and the tastiest meals from this area. Ready? 

Eating in Southern Vietnam

The first difference you’ll notice between the cuisine of Southern Vietnam and the cuisines of other parts of the country is the increased sweetness of the southern meals. The sweetness is owed not only to the use of sugar but also to the use of coconut milk, which is also a pretty popular sweetener in this region. The food is also based on a frequent use of seafood, shallots, garlic, and fresh herbs. The area is also known for a large number of vegetables and fruits grown in the fertile soil of South.

The Most Delicious Dishes in Southern Vietnam

If you enjoy eating crepes, the ones prepared in Southern Vietnam may be a great meal for you. In this area of Vietnam, the most popular crepes are Banh xeo and Banh khot.

Banh xeo

They are the crepes made of coconut milk and rice flour that may come with various fillings, such as crunchy vegetables, fresh herbs, shellfish, and cram in meat. You can also combine them with tasty sauces. Dipping your Banh xeo into some of popular Vietnam’s sauces gives them an even richer taste.


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On the other hand, Banh khot are crispy crepes that are soft inside and also made from coconut milk and ground rice. They are cooked in special hemispherical molds and are commonly served in a lettuce leaf, rolled with herbs.


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Canh Chua

Mekong Delta and all the natural goods it brings are the main reasons why South Vietnam can brag with tasty and diverse meals. The waterways are abundant with fish, the fertile soil offers delicious tomatoes and taro stem, and the fruit plantations provide local people with pineapples. A typical southern herb is rau-rom that resembles cumin and it grows in the rice paddies. When a local cook combines all these ingredients into a meal, you get canh chua, a delicious soup that goes perfectly with rice.


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Clay pot meals

The culture of clay pot cookery is typical for the south of the country. Originally, fishermen and farmers used small clay pots with lids to cook smaller amounts of food and this cooking tradition has succeeded to remain popular. Nowadays, some of the most delicious meals combining soft meat and tasty vegetables are prepared in clay pots.


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Coconut candy

Since we’ve mentioned the importance of sugar use in South Vietnam, we shouldn’t skip mentioning one of the most popular sweets that has spread across the entire country from this region. This widely known Vietnamese candy is based on the combination of coconut milk and coconut cream.

Because of this traditional treat, Ben Tre Province has gained the nickname “Land of Coconut”. In the process of preparation, fresh coconut flesh should be grated and pressed to produce milk and cream. Afterward, malt syrup and sugar are added. However, the flow of the mixing process and ratio of the ingredients are kept as the manufacturers’ secret. The candy has two wrapping layers. The external layer is made from paper soaked in vegetable oil while the inner one’s made from edible rice paper.

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