Do’s And Don’ts When Traveling To Vietnam

Vietnam has become a very popular tourist destination. Its very rich culture and famous historical background are reasons enough to visit this beautiful country in this part of Southeast Asia.

But what are the things you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do in Vietnam?

Here is a list that will give you a few ideas on how to conduct yourself when traveling to Vietnam. Follow these and you can surely make the most out of your visit to this wonderful country.


1. Prepare an itinerary of the places to visit in Vietnam prior to your travel.

2. Coordinate with your travel agent or partner in Vietnam for your arrival and other concerns with your travel.

3. Have a map of Vietnam and its tourist attractions handy and study it prior to flying to the country.

4. Have the necessary vaccinations against certain diseases as recommended by your doctor to avoid jeopardizing your health while travelling.

5. Study the culture, ways and behaviors of the locals so you will not encounter problems while in a foreign country.

6. Maintain a low profile while visiting the country so as not to attract unscrupulous people who might have intentions to harm or do acts of extortion.

7. Be cautious of your surroundings and take extra care with your dealings with the locals

8. Be courteous and friendly, but not too much to avoid misinterpretation.

9. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear to make travel as comfortable as possible. Put on tons of sunscreen when going outdoors during the day.

10. Leave important items such as passports, plane tickets, jewelleries and other valuables in the safe deposit boxes that hotels provide either in the rooms or elsewhere in the hotel.

11. Have enough US Dollars and Vietnamese Dong with you as you may need them from time to time

12. Learn to bargain when buying in the markets as vendors tend to overprice as a business strategy.

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1. Avoid wearing vulgar clothing as much as possible, especially when entering considered holy places in the country.

2. Don’t go to unsafe places alone. Research about the places you plan to visit before you go there.

3. Don’t take taxi cabs with bad reputations. Better to pay higher for taxi cabs that offer safe service.

4. Don’t meddle with the issues of the locals as it may put you in an unsafe position.

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5. Avoid the polluted air of the busy streets in Vietnam from the loads of motorbikes and vehicles flooding the streets; the best way to go about this is by wearing a mask in areas you deem too smoky or polluted.

6. Don’t leave your things unattended as you may lose them in a snap.

7. Don’t offend the religious beliefs of the local people as a show of courtesy and respect to them.

8. Avoid being loud and boastful as you may not know how you will be taken.

9. Don’t ride a motorbike at night; take a cab from a safe taxi company instead.

10. Don’t take package tours that offer very low rates as it may eat up much of your time waiting instead of seeing more of the places you intend to visit.

11. Don’t forget to bring extra batteries or charged power bank for your cellular phones and other gadgets with you all the time to avoid battery empty situations.

12.       Don’t leave the country without taking loads of photos of the country’s beautiful sceneries and tourist spots and without bringing home souvenirs of your travel.

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