Everything You Wanted To Know About The Vietnamese Conical Hat

From several specialties of Vietnam, the vietnamese conical hat is a favorite wearable of the native and a center of attraction of those who visit the place.  You can witness people of all ages donning the bamboo hat in their everyday lives. Probably when you visit the best beach resort in Vietnam, you will photograph several pictures of the iconic hat or purchase it to your home. Being an inseparable part of Vietnamese culture, learn some significant points about its history and specialty.

Why this Shape?

Vietnam usually faces the rainy weather, or it is hot, otherwise. The conical shape of this traditional hat acts as protection against the climatic conditions for the Vietnamese. The width of cap brings an ample shade against the sun, and when the monsoon hits, the water gets straight down from the top.

Making of the Conical Hat

The materials used for the creating the conical hat are always available to Vietnamese for centuries, which includes Bamboo and Palm Leaves. Over 17 concentric rings are fixed together in combination to the perpendicular sticks of Bamboo for making the frame. The palm fronds that were dried under the sun are stitched within a structure in a manner that nothing can penetrate inside the cap from outside.

Making of the Conical Hat

Furthermore, a piece of ribbon is then stitched to the hat that makes a grip from the neck. The skills of creating non la go on as a legacy from one generation to another. The villages in the north Vietnam specialize in the construction of the traditional hat.   You can witness residents constructing the hats every day.

History behind Conical Hat

Vietnamese relate the history of the conical hat with the goddess who protects humanity from the flash flood in rains. The native talk about the woman who lives in the sky wearing a hat made from the leaves to protect her and people from the downpours. This cap acts as honor towards the goddess and replicating her large headwear with the individual conical hat for everyone.

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Styles and Varieties of Conical Hat

Like clothing and other accessories, there are variations in these conical hats as well. These are specific regional distinctions allowing the native audience to follow customs while creating the hats. For instance, the traditional hat among the center residents of the country will have verses tucked under the palm leaf layers that appear only in the sunshine.

Styles and Varieties of Conical Hat

Western Impact on Conical Hat

These hats are usually taken to the home as souvenirs from Vietnam. In addition, people have discovered distinct and innovative uses of the hat. Apart from the tourists who are responsible for popularizing the non la but also, it has been a part of designing couture. Designers such as Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren have taken these hats as a part of their catwalk shows.

Vietnamese Conical Hat

Image Courtesy:  vietravel.com 

Earlier, the conical hats of different shapes were only traded in the market. Today they are made in several places. Now, It is marketed in the Chuong Village that is not as busy as it was in the past. However, natives are still proud of the valuable history and the beautiful creation of the country.

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