The Most Exciting Festivals in Phan Thiet (Part One)

If you’re looking forward to enjoying the traditional Vietnamese festive spirit, Phan Thiet is probably the best place you can visit. Located in charming Binh Thuan province, this charming town offers a wide variety of festivities. In this series of posts, we’re talking about some festivals you shouldn’t miss if you want to observe how local celebrations look like and become a part of it. They will certainly remain some of the favorite memories you’ll bring from Vietnam. Stay with us and read more about the most exciting festivals in the area of Phan Thiet.

Boat Racing Festival

This festival is organized each year and every time it succeeds to gather a large number of people, both local people and interested travelers. It is usually held in the afternoon, on the second day of Lunar New Year.


The area of Ca Ty river where the race takes place is always crowded – more than 10 000 of spectators enjoy this adrenaline rush each year. This festival owes its fame and popularity to the fact that it’s a traditional festivity.

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There are numerous interesting disciplines that make this festival so exciting. Usually, there are two main categories of competitions: traditional boat racing and coracle racing. Around nine teams, that consist of up to 300 athletes, shake up this area with their mindblowing skills every year.

Mid-Autumn festival

This festival is held on the 15th day of the 8th month of lunar calendar. This festival actually belongs to Chinese tradition and it’s a celebration that has remained popular for more than 3,000 years – from the era of Zhou Dynasty.


The festivity is spiced up with the specially prepared food, such as mooncakes with many different flavors. The usual ingredients used for these delicious sweet cakes are dried salted egg yolk, coconut filling, different types of bean, minced pork, and lotus seed.


The Mid-Autumn festival represents the farmers’ celebration of the summer harvesting season that has just ended. The most special symbols of this celebration are lanterns that are lit and carried around. Its celebration in Vietnam started in the 8th century, in the era of Emperor Minh-Hoang.


However, there’s a more popular version related to the story of this festival, the legend of Thang Cuoi. This legend tells us about a banyan tree that uprooted after the wife of Thang Cuoi had urinated on it. Finally, the tree took Thang Cuoi to the moon. So, every year, during the Mid-Autumn festival, children light their lanterns in order to show him how to come back home, to Earth.

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