The Most Exciting Festivals in Phan Thiet (Part Two)

In the first post of this series, we’ve shown you the most popular festivals in Phan Thiet: Boat Racing festival and Mid-Autumn festival. Today, we’re continuing our talk and introducing some more interesting Vietnam festivals in this beautiful area that you should visit if you get a chance. Stay with us to find out more about the most exciting local celebrations.

Nghinh Ong

This festival takes place in the middle of the eighth lunar month and it is dedicated to whale worship. Thousands of Chinese and Vietnamese people gather at the Ong pagoda, which was built in the Year of the Tiger (1770), to celebrate Quan Kong.

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The architecture of this beautiful pagoda was obviously influenced by Chinese culture and during the festivity, it’s additionally beautified with colorful flower garlands and lanterns. During the festival, people come and pray for the well-being of their friends and families. Hence, the prayers are usually related to health, good fortune, and happiness. The festival includes classic drama performances, dragon dance, and traditional local folk concerts, as well as stunning parades with costumes.

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Mbang Kate Festival

The eighth and the ninth month of lunar calendar, Vietnamese celebrate Mbang Kate Festival. Locally, the festivities usually begin in public places, such as towers and mausoleums and continues in homes. The celebration starts at the Cham Towers (that offer a stunning view of Phan Thiet) and it is dedicated to ancient or mythical heroes, kings, and holy spirits.


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This festival is especially interesting if you celebrate it with the Cham people. It consists of making offers to the genii and placing the hats and costumes on statues. During the celebration, you can also enjoy various art forms, such as poetry readings and concerts, as well as games and other entertaining activities.

Vietnam Fun Cup

If you’re a passionate water sports lover and you enjoy adrenaline, you shouldn’t miss visiting Vietnam Fun Cup. This awesome event is organized every year, usually in the first half of February. It includes a wide variety of breath-taking activities, such as kiteboarding and windsurfing competitions. The races normally start on the beach in front of Jibes restaurant, in the picturesque seaside area of Mui Ne.

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Next year, Vietnam Fun Cup will be organized for the 19th time and it will be held on the 2nd and the 3rd of February. Accordingly, if you want to enjoy the greatest sports event in the area of Phan Thiet, make sure to visit the city in this period.

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