Experience Hot Air Ballooning in Mui Ne

Among numerous ways of enjoying the natural beauties hot air ballooning is probably the most captivating experience that you shouldn’t miss.

Not only is it an awesome activity for the adrenaline addicts but it’s also an exceptionally romantic and special way of enjoying the picturesque scenery of this enchanting fishing town and its surrounding area.

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The open-air perspective will reveal to you another incredible dimension of this part of Vietnam, so let’s see what you can expect and how you should prepare yourself for a hot air balloon session. Read on and find it out.

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How does it look like?

Hot air ballooning sessions in Mui Ne normally start near the white sand dunes or in the central area of Phan Thiet. Where your journey begins depends on the wind direction, and the flights normally last for about an hour, which is more than enough to let you observe the entire area at relaxed pace.

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No matter where your journey starts off, the balloon will lift you above the crowded streets, and provide you a stunning view of the harbor with lots of small colorful fishing boats, spacious sand dunes, and a sparkly desert lake nested in the middle of them. Moreover, the flight will take you to the rural part of the area, where you’ll be able to spot the local homes, as well as farmers, and cattle spread all around in the charmingly green fields.

Image source: vnanet.vn

Additionally, your hot air balloon will also take you above the sea for a while, letting you get the most of your journey by enjoying the crystal clear waters sparkling below your feet.

How to Get Ready for Hot Air Ballooning?

Before you start your adventure, make sure to dress properly. It’s highly convenient to wear casual clothes that you’ll be comfortable in, and it should also be non-synthetic. In addition, make sure to bring a hat or a cap – you may need it up there, both because of the sun rays and the wind.

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Once the landing process starts, make sure not to:

  • stick any part of the body out of the basket
  • leave the basket before the pilot has given a permission.
Image source: citypassguide.com

Finally, if you want to bring a camera to capture this unforgettable adventure, make sure to also bring the protective case – just in case.

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