Explore The Ancient Po Shanu Towers

Are you coming to Binh Thuan Province willing to explore historical monuments? If you join us at Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa in Mui Ne, you definitely won’t lack ideas for having a fun yet educative vacation. One of the things you can do if you’re interested in history and ancient architecture is explore the remnants of Po Shanu Towers.

In this post, we’re sharing some important facts about this historical monument and its background with you. Read on and find out more about Po Shanu Towers.

The origin of Po Shanu Towers

Po Shanu Towers represent one of the rare remnants of the powerful ancient Cham civilization. It was an empire that made a great impact on the history and culture of Vietnam. Even though you can find some other examples of Cham architecture in the other parts of the country, as well, the towers near Phan Thiet are one of the most representative monuments of this kind.

There are three buildings at this site (unfortunately, not so well preserved), that were built to honor Hindu deities (Agni, Nandi, and Lord Shiva). There are two pointed towers and another building that features some beautiful decorative elements. They’re all between 12 and 15 meters tall and were built in the late 8th century.

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When to visit Po Shanu Towers

If you’re interested in observing the monuments, you can visit Po Shanu Towers whenever you want. Apart from this historical exploration, you’ll also be able to enjoy the magnificent views of Phan Thiet, which is owed to the beautiful hilltop location of the towers.

However, if you want to experience the unique festive Cham spirit and enjoy the charms of this ancient culture, make sure to visit the towers during the Lunar New Year celebration. Every year, there are a large number of captivating artistic performances organized by the Cham people. They include a mixture of authentic music, dance, and acting, and give tourists a chance to get to know more about the arts and culture of this civilization. In accordance, there’s no wonder why this event gathers a large number of tourists from all around the world, every year.

Some other celebrations that beautifully revive the old Cham spirit are the religious festivals such as Prayer for Rain, Damp Building Festival, Rij Nuga, and Abstinence Ceremony.

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Getting There

Po Shanu Towers are situated about five kilometers away from Mui Ne, on Ong Hoang Hill, which makes it easy for you to reach them from Bamboo Village. You won’t need more than a 15-minute drive from the town. Finally, you should know that entering the towers area will cost you about VND 10,000.


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