Explore Vietnam – Part Eight: Mekong River Delta

In the previous several posts, we’ve talked about Northern and Central Vietnam and one part of Southern Vietnam. Now, when our journey through the beautiful Vietnam destination is coming to its end, Mekong River Delta is the last one left for us to explore. Read on and find out what are the places and activities you shouldn’t miss if you find yourself in this vivid area.

Visit the floating markets

Floating markets are probably the most impressive sights of Mekong River Delta. On the other hand, they’re also a regular part of local people’s daily routine. You can find them all across this region, offering fresh local fruit and vegetable. The selling process takes place from the boats – the sellers hang the products on long poles. This way, even the people who are far away from these floating stalls can see what is the offer of each stall.


Image source: saigoncitytours.com

Among the stalls with groceries, you can also find mobile cafés, where you can get some iced coffee, soft drinks, and noodle soups. The most incredible markets are Cai Rang, located in the center of Can Tho, as well as Phong Dien and Cai Be.

Enjoy the river cruise on the Mekong River delta

If you’re willing to spend several days in the area of the delta, don’t miss the chance of cruising in a sophisticated ambiance of exclusive river cruise ships. It usually takes from five to seven days for these ships to get from Saigon and Phnom Penh. However, if you don’t have that much time, you can have a cruise on one of the smaller ships, that take from two to five days to cross this distance.

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Image source: mekongcruise.com

On smaller ships, you’ll have the chance of exploring even the smallest canals and branches, that aren’t accessible for the larger ones. These cruises are great opportunities both for the exploration of the vivid water world of delta and for admiring the beautiful landscapes, abundant vegetation and cozy towns with their charming temples.

Watch the ox race

Every October, people from the entire region of Mekong Delta gather in Ta Miet to watch the ox race, which has become a unique tourist attraction in this area.

Image source: vietnamnews.vn

This race is traditionally held in An Giang, Tri Ton District, and it is the symbol of celebration of Khmer Dolta. Its origins are related to the family tradition of bringing the oxen to the farmlands of the clergy – they would plow the fields for the following season. The competition usually consists of two ox teams with jockeys, that race against each other.

Explore the delta on a bike

If you are a passionate biker (and even if you are not!), we encourage you to rent a bike and dive into the small pathways in the delta. A good thing about riding a bike in the area of the Delta is that there isn’t much traffic.

Image source: ethnicvoyage.com

You’ll be able to actively relax on your bike while exploring the abundant rice fields and colorful orchards of the different vietnam destinations. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with local people, who will be happy to see you exploring their homeland.

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