Explore Vietnam – Part Five: Northeast Vietnam

If we’re talking about the beauties of the northeast, we’re talking about all kinds of sights. The incredible bays, mysterious caves, exquisite natural parks combined with culturally and historically important places. These would be some of the most important parts of Northeast Vietnam travel tourist offer. Read on to find out more about our favorite places in Northeast Vietnam!

Halong Bay

Literally translated, Halong Bay is the place where the dragon descends into the sea. Being a World Heritage Site from 1994, Halong Bay offers the spectacular view of lovely islands and islets, grottoes, and limestone pillars. The beauty of the area made it one of the most popular places to visit in Vietnam and it is most visited from May to August.




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Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha bay is another picturesque area in Northeast Vietnam, located in Cat Ba Island. Consisting of the incredible beaches covered with fine white sand, and about 300 limestone outcrops and karst islands, Lan Ha Bay offers the scenery you’ll definitely enjoy, among many other tourists who come to sail and kayak in this area. The area is also a habitat for more than 200 species of fishes, three species of dolphins, and beautiful corals.

Image source: hoangphatgroup.com

Cannon Fort

When speaking about Cat Ba Island, we shouldn’t miss presenting you the area offering the most spectacular view in this region. Cannon Fort will give you a perfect view of the incredible landscapes of the exotic, lush hills of Cat Ba, lovely harbor filled with colorful boats, and the sea spreading around the island.

Image source: buffalotrip.com

The paths in the area of fort will lead you through the underground tunnels, all the way to a couple of extraordinary viewpoints. Here you can also visit a modest museum and have a drink in a cafe with terrace, from where you can enjoy the scenery spreading in front of you.

Ba Be National Park

This national park was established in 1992. It’s the home of lush forests, charming valleys, vivid waterfalls, mysterious caves, and 13 tribal villages! In the area of the park you can discover more than 550 species of plants, more than 350 species of butterflies, numerous turtle, and a wide variety of other animals, including an enormous number of birds (more than 230 species), Burmese python, and salamander.

Image source: vietnamtypicaltours.com

Also known as Ba Be Lakes, this area consists of three linked lakes that are eight kilometers long. The lakes that are situated in the very center of the park are well-known as the habitats of numerous freshwater fishes.

Nguom Ngao Cave

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the most interesting caves in this area. Nguom Ngao Cave was formed by an underground river and it represents one of the most incredible caves in the entire country.

Image source: vietnamtravel.guide

Located near Ban Gioc Waterfall, it was a shelter for the local people during the war with China (1979). Visitors are allowed to enter only one part of the cave, which has the light installation and a kilometer long path with huge stalactites and stalagmites around it.The southern part is also popular because of beautiful beaches & beach resorts and one such resort is bamboo village beach resort & spa which is considered as the best beach resort in phan theit city.



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