Explore Vietnam – Part Four: Northwest Vietnam

In the previous several posts, we’ve been showing you the beauties of Central Vietnam, including North and South Coast, as well as Central Highlands. Today, we’re changing our focus and we’re introducing the regions of North Vietnam.

Northwest Vietnam (image source: goviettravel.com)

North Vietnam consists of two charming regions – Northwest and Northeast Vietnam and we’ve chosen Northwest Vietnam as our start point. Stay with us and get to know what our top picks are in this part of Vietnam.

Top destinations to visit in Northwest Vietnam

Sa Pa

When we talk about places you must visit in Northwest Vietnam, it’s practically a sin not to mention the hill town named Sa Pa. Majestically surrounded by the breathtaking Hoang Lien mountain range, it’s one of the main attractions of this vietnam destination.

Sapa (image source: vietnam4u.co.il)

Here you can trek through the thick forests if you’re brave enough, or just hang out with local ethnicities that’ll probably try to sell you their belongings as souvenirs. Sa Pa church and market, as well as Fansipan Mount, are places you shouldn’t skip in Sa Pa.

Moc Chau Market Town

If you can’t live without dairy products, you may want to stay in the town of Moc Chau – forever. Once you see black-and-white cows in the fields surrounding the road, you’ll know you’ve reached your destination. This town is widely known for its dairy products and huge cow farms. We encourage you to taste their exquisite yogurt, ice creams, and chocolate bars.

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Moc Chau (image source: tripadvisor.com)

If you go on to the west, you may see the picturesque hills where local people cultivate various plants, including coffee, tea, cotton, and fruit trees.

Lai Chau province

This province was formerly known for its incredible animal species, including tigers. However, unfortunately, that’s not something local people brag with today – chances are really low that you may see a tiger in this area. However, this province still has its charms. Thick forests combined with striking peaks all across the province will blow your mind.

Lai Chau (image source: tsttourist.com)

The capital of the province is the town of Lai Chau, which is maybe the most urbanized area in the province. It is abundant with shops and hotels. However, the most incredible place in the town, where you can feel its local spirit, is its market.  Tourists are commonly interested in vivid, picturesque ethnic-minority villages and the best about them is the fact that they are reachable – but only by motorbike.The southern region is quite popular for its beaches & beach resorts ,one such amazing resort is bamboo village beach resort & spa popular for its hospitality and delicious food which also considered as best resort in vietnam. This will spice up your adventure in southern vietnam, for sure!

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