Explore Vietnam – Part Six: Red River Delta

After guiding you through the Northwest and Northeast province of Northern Vietnam, time has come to present Red River Delta. In this blog post, we’re showing you some of the most beautiful parts of this charming low-lying province, surrounding Red River.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with this part of Vietnam, Red River Delta is known for the indigenous spirit of local tribes and numerous breath-taking temples. Let’s see what this area offers to curious tourists!

Temples and pagodas in Red River Delta

As we’ve already said, religion in Red River Delta represents a really important part of life. The beliefs and religions of the local people, especially Buddhism, have in a way shaped the life in Delta. There’s a wide variety of temples worth visiting, including Dai Bi Pagoda, Tram Pagoda, Da Si Pagoda, Keo Pagoda, and many others.

Tram Pagoda, image source: vietvisiontravel.com

What’s the most beautiful about these pagodas is that they definitely didn’t disbalance the harmony of the natural beauties of the area. On the contrary, they’ve additionally emphasized the original charm of Delta.

Hanoi – The Center of Red River Delta

Among nine small provinces located in Red River Delta, probably the most popular place in this region is Hanoi, which is the national capital. Hanoi is widely known as the city of mixed cultures, where you’ll be able to experience both Vietnamese spirit and French and Chinese influences. This would be the most obvious result of the area’s turbulent history.

Old Quarter of Hanoi, image source: tripadvisor.com

Speaking about history, if you find yourself in Red River Delta and decide to explore Hanoi, you shouldn’t miss exploring the Old Quarter of the city. This part of Hanoi is more than a century old, and its narrow streets will lead you through the most beautiful sights of Hanoi, including Hoan Kiem lake, remnants of the citadel, and Bach Ma Temple.

Hoan Kiem Lake, image source: travel-hanoi.com

Additionally, here you can enjoy an unusual way of buying groceries. People who sell them don’t have a fixed stall, but they wander around with their baskets on their shoulders, offering a wide variety of products. Fruits, vegetables, and small household items are only one part of their offer. Interesting, isn’t it?

If you get thirsty in the area of Red River Delta, you should have in mind this area is the home of really good beer, named Bia Hoi. It will probably the freshest beer you’ve ever drunk, having in mind the fact it’s prepared every day. People here really enjoy drinking it!

Banh Mi, image source: squarespace.com

 When it comes to food, don’t hesitate to taste banh mi, which is the typical sandwich of this area. Chances that you won’t like it are minimal! The main ingredients that make it look and taste so good are picked vegetables and pate.


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