Family Activities in Mui Ne

All of you who have already experienced traveling with kids know that it’s pretty important to keep the kids amused and occupied. But if you spend your vacation constantly fighting to please the little ones, you may end up exhausted, without the feeling you’re on a vacation, too. So, the key to an amazing vacation is not only keeping your kids happy but making a balance between your and their needs. And Mui Ne is absolutely the place that’s got the potential of keeping the family harmony by offering various activities that are not only kid-friendly but also are amusing to the adults.

In this post, we’re showing you only some of the family activities in Mui Ne that will bring lots of fun to your whole family. Read on and find out more about the awesome family adventures that you can have in this lovely fishing town.

#1 Have fun at sandy beaches

Probably the main reason for a lot of tourists to spend their vacation in Mui Ne, the tropical beaches of this charming town are definitely an enjoyable area for both kids and parents.

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You can swim, sunbathe, play in the beautiful sand, or even enjoy some water sports, depending on the age of your kids. One thing’s for sure – there’s nothing like having your family enjoy the incredible beach sunsets sparkling above the crystal clear water at one of the best mui ne resort that is bamboo village beach resort.

#2 Be adventurous at sand dunes

If your kids love adventure and exploring new places, the area of red sand dunes will definitely be their favorite spot in Mui Ne.

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Apart from letting you enjoy the breath-taking views of Mui Ne and Hon Rom Beach, sand dunes can provoke a major adrenaline rush, as well! Let your kids conquer the dunes and then test their sand sliding skills. Or even organize a family competition! On your way to sand dunes, you can also check out the interesting Red Canyon formed by the rainfalls and make some unforgettable memories at this peculiar place.One can also enjoy his/her time at one of the best couple resorts in mui ne.

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#3 Go on a fishing tour with local fishermen

We’ve already said that Mui Ne is a pretty picturesque fishing town, so there’s no wonder why your family should enjoy the early morning routine of local fishermen.

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Not only will you and your kids get to enjoy the colorful harbor and experience the local lifestyle but you’ll absolutely love the incredible moments spent in these special small boats, observing Mui Ne from a different perspective.

#4 Explore the historical and religious monuments

Depending on your kids’ age, these educational excursions may be interesting in different ways. They may get to know more about the history of the places they’re visiting, or simply have fun wandering around the ancient buildings that they otherwise wouldn’t get a chance to see.

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Some of these places and monuments are the ancient remnants of Po Shanu Cham Towers built by the Cham people and dedicated to Hindu God Shiva, as well as Linh Long Tu Temple, comprising of beautiful altars, small temples, and a statue of Buddha, that will enchant your family with the inspiring view of the harbor.

Which of these places your kids would love the most? What about you? No matter which of these places and activities you decide to include in your travel list, we’re sure your family will have an amazing time – especially if you combine these activities with a stay at Bamboo Village Resort & Spa. At the end of the day, while your kids play around in the scenic natural environment of our resort, you can enjoy meditating or having the nature-inspired spa treatments at Water Lily Spa.

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