Forgotten Land – The Majestic Sand Sculpture Park in Phan Thiet

Have you ever heard of sand sculptures? And by that, we don’t refer to the cute tiny castles we all used to build with buckets when we were kids. The art of sand sculpture is becoming more and more popular all around the planet, including developed countries in America, Europe, and Asia, as well.

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As a country of fine sand and beautiful beaches, Vietnam is not an exception. In this post, we are going to show you why you shouldn’t miss Forgotten Land, the incredible Sand Sculpture Park located in Phan Thiet which was opened on January, 29th, this year. Let’s get it started!

Things you should know about Forgotten Land and art of sand sculptures

This inspiring story of sand sculptures in Phan Thiet, Vietnam was launched by Viet Sand Art team. These enthusiastic people have gathered around the idea of delivering a new kind of art in Vietnam, the kind of art that will be both attractive and environmentally friendly.

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A large number of sculptors from all around the world have come and made a sand art paradise in the area that was previously just an empty two-hectare lot. Some of these artists came from Singapore, Japan, and the USA, just to have a chance of working with red sand. Some of their masterpieces were a castle, a rooster, a huge dragon, and numerous characters from tales, including Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. The sculptures are up to 10 meters long, 5 meters wide and up to 3.5 meters tall!

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A large number of tourists looking forward to visiting the sand park wonder if the statues really can remain in their place and keep their form, having in mind the strong winds that may appear sometimes. However, you should have no worries – these awesome artworks will be waiting for you! The firmness of the sculptures is owed to sculptors’ techniques that made them stable and solid, while at the same time using nothing but natural materials in the process of their creation.

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The park is especially popular during the festival days when people from all around the world, including the artists, come to enjoy the spectacular masterpieces made of sand.

Where is the Forgotten Land located?

The park is located near the University of Phan Thiet. It’s only 200  meters away, on Nguyen Thong street, Phu Hai Ward.

When can you visit the Forgotten Land?

Forgotten Land is open for visitors from Monday to Sunday. The opening time is 7.30 AM and it closes its gates at 6.00 PM.

Now that we’ve told you some of the most important facts related to the art of sand sculptures and introduced charms of the Forgotten Land, there’s only one more thing to say, and it’s the sentence people who have worked on this incredible park always use to describe this experience. You should visit the Forgotten Land because it is the place you will never forget.Don’t miss it!.Apart from the forgotten land one must visit one of the best resort in mui ne which is Bamboo village beach resort & spa.

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