How to Get to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

Have you read about the beauty of the fishing town of Mui Ne and all of the amusing things you can do and see in this oasis of Phan Thiet? This charming place is around 200 km away from Ho Chi Minh City, and it is pretty certain that once you find out more about it, you’ll ask yourself:

How can I get to Mui Ne?

In order to help you get a thorough answer to this question and easily reach the town, we’ve decided to provide you with a practical guide for getting to resort o Mui Ne!

Below, we are presenting three easiest ways for you to find your way to the best couple resorts in Mui Ne, so read on to join us at Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa whenever you want.

1. The scenic train journey

If you are a fan of traveling by train, you are going to love the experience of observing the gorgeous landscapes on your way from Ho Chi Minh City. The journey starts from Ho Chi Minh City station and it ends at Binh Thuan station.


The price of the one-way ticket for adults is around $8 (USD). Children who are not older than 9 may get traveling discounts, while children under 2 can travel free. There are two to four daily departures from Ho Chi Minh City. The first train departs at 6:00 am, and it will take you somewhere between four and five hours to reach Binh Thuan.

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Once you reach Binh Thuan station, you can easily find a taxi that will drive you to Mui Ne in 20 minutes.

2. The comfort of buses

For around $6 in one direction, you may get a pleasant experience of traveling by an air-conditioned bus which offers you the comfortable reclining seats and sleeping bed options.

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The ride lasts around 4 hours and one of the greatest advantages of a bus ride lies in the fact that buses can be caught every 60 minutes, starting from 7:00 am, until late evening.

3. Arranging a private vehicle

If you prefer having a relaxed individual ride and avoid both the potential crowds in trains and buses, and waiting for their departures, you should have no worries. Once you step out of the plane, at SGN International Airport, you will be able to find a wide variety of private vehicles that will provide you a comfortable and convenient journey.

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Even though the trip lasts shorter if you hire a private vehicle – you will not need more than 4 hours to reach Mui Ne – you should be ready to pay more – the prices go up to $90 in one direction.

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One of the great sides of choosing Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa as your home during your stay in Mui Ne is the fact that the professional staff of the resort will be happy to arrange the transfer for you anytime so if you are looking for a pleasant traveling experience, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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