Ideal Places for Backpacking in Vietnam (Part 2)

Are you ready to discover new amazing places for backpacking? If you’ve missed our previous post from this series, make sure to check out the awesome places we’ve already listed. And in this post, we’re moving on to some other destinations in Vietnam recommended by backpackers all around the world. Read on and find out more about the locations that may spice up your travel adventure!

Nha Trang

What makes this coastal city in south-central Vietnam a great choice for backpackers is the variety of things to do and places to see. On the one hand, you can enjoy various adventurous activities, including numerous water sports as well as safari at Vinpearl. On the other hand, you can also admire numerous beautiful landmarks, such as the Po Nagar temple, Long Son Pagoda. Also, you’ll be able to find nice accommodation all around the city no matter the budget.

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Mui Ne

White and red sand dunes. The Fairy Spring. The charms of picturesque sunrises and sunsets in a friendly fishing town ambiance… These are only some of the reasons why Mui Ne is among the most popular backpacking destinations in Vietnam. In Mui Ne, not only will you be able to enjoy water sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing but you’ll also get to explore local cuisine and experience local nightlife. Not to mention that Mui Ne offers different types of accommodation for backpackers, including pretty affordable dorms and hostels.

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However, if you want to treat yourself with a special experience, you’re also more than welcome to stay at our Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa which is cosidered as one of the best mui ne resort. Here you can spice up your backpacker adventure and recharge the energy supplies with amazing spa treatments and great food. At the same time, you can enjoy the accommodation that will certainly let you reconnect with nature.

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Da Lat

Even though you may hear that there’s not much to do in Da Lat, the picturesque scenery of this lovely town is a reason good enough for backpackers to make a visit.

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Some of the main sights of Da Lat that you shouldn’t miss are the worldly famous Crazy House, beautiful Flower Park, and charming Ho Xuan Huong Lake, situated at the center of the town. And if you want to do something exciting, you can try canyoning or conquering the breath-taking Elephant Falls.

Mekong Delta

One of the main reasons why Mekong Delta (also known as “the rice bowl of Vietnam”) is popular among backpackers is the fact that it really lets you dive into the local culture and admire the intact countryside. What makes the landscape of this area so unique and impressive are the breath-taking natural mazes consisting of endlessly intertwined rivers, streams, and canals.

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In Mekong Delta, you can have relaxing moments while admiring numerous temples and pagodas or hiking in the surrounding rice paddies. In addition, you can also have lots of fun if you decide to explore the vivid floating markets and tiny villages hidden on the islets between the swamps. Backpacking through Mekong Delta is definitely one of a kind experience!

Which of these destinations would you choose if you were about to create the ideal backpacking route? If you’ve already prepared an ideal backpacker’s map, stay with us, since you may want to know the right timing to visit these awesome places. And that’s what we’ll be discussing in some of the posts to come! 🙂 

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