Local Markets in Vietnam You Shouldn’t Miss

There are no better places for experiencing the traditional spirit of the Vietnamese than the vivid, noisy, and usually crowded local markets, which are normally situated in the central areas of towns and villages across the Vietnam. That’s why we’ve prepared you a guide through the most crowded and most interesting markets in Vietnam which is part of the best vietnam destinations that you shouldn’t miss – not only because of the picturesque sights but also because of the wide variety of products offered by the loud and friendly sellers. Let’s check them out!

Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha Market is a Sunday market located in Lao Cai Province that offers a wide variety of handmade products, clothes, fruits, and vegetables. However, for a large number of travelers, the most interesting thing about it is the fact it’s a place where you can see an exotic ethnic group, the hill tribe named Flower Hmong, in their striking traditional costumes, made of heavy, multi-layered colorful fabrics, and pink and green headscarves for women.

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Even in the earliest morning hours, the market is surprisingly crowded with people – both locals and curious tourists – but that’s where its charm lies!

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Cai Rang Floating Market

Cai Rang Floating Market isn’t selected as the top choice market in Can Tho by numerous travel websites. Being only about 6 kilometers away from Can Tho, this market is the largest floating market in the area of Mekong Delta, and also the busiest one.

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If you want to explore the diverse offer of this peculiar market before the crowds of tourists arrive, you should get up early and get there between 6 and 7 in the morning. Even though the market can be easily observed from the road, it is more interesting and definitely more exciting to do so from a boat.

Ben Thanh Market

Even though it isn’t located in the typical Vietnamese rural environment, Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City is a great way of discovering the local vibe if you don’t have time for visits to surrounding villages. At this market, you can find various groceries, clothes, as well as souvenirs.

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However, since the market is located in one of the largest cities in Vietnam, you should know that the prices can be pretty higher than the prices at some other markets located in the villages. On the other hand, if you are stubborn and lucky enough, you can bargain and get the lower prices. The best about this market is a small, picturesque night market working until midnight, after the indoor market is closed.

Buoi Market

Buoi Market is probably one of the largest attractions in Hanoi when it comes to markets since its offer may be pretty unusual for a large number of tourists. This market offers a wide variety of gorgeous ornamental plants and (believe it or not!) live animals! So, if you are interested in buying a chicken, a duck, or a pig, there is no better market in Hanoi for you. Located at the intersection of Lac Long Quan and  Duong Buoi, Buoi Market can be a real source of fun for you, even if you’re only observing people bargaining for animals.The delicious vietnamese cuisine is also served at one of the best resort in vietnam popularly known as bamboo village beach resort & spa.

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