Safety Tips for Women Traveling in Vietnam

For women considering Vietnam as their next travel destination, the common question that arises as “Is Vietnam Safe for Women Travelers?” when traveling by yourself. Vietnam is a blossoming country and is drawing a large number of visitors and solo travelers every year. The most attractive mention about the country is that it is not only the most inexpensive destination for exploring but also the safest place in Southeast Asia.
Despite the security and healthy surroundings, it is essential for women to keep a note of a few precautions to ensure more safety.

Women and Clothing

When it is about the clothing and dressing particulars of Vietnam, you can consider it among the conservative countries. Clothing is a factor due to which men react towards women in Vietnam. It is advised to follow the style of local women and throw extra clothes while heading towards the city center.

As per the women who went out wearing stylish tops and skirts, they felt uneasy coming through the reactions of men present around. Although, the city witnesses fewer crimes still it is right to be cautious while traveling outstation.

Theft and Crimes

In the country Vietnam, the most common issue is pickpocketing and theft of a camera, rug sacks, and laptops. The valuable things should be kept aside to avoid the chances of theft in future. And precisely, avoid carrying camera or sunglasses around the neck in highly populated areas.

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Safety tips for women in vietnam

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The accident of theft occurs from the back of a motorbike. Therefore, women need to keep their hands on the bag to avoid grabbing the bag from a moving vehicle.

Begging and Scams

Travelling in Vietnam by yourself can make you come across the unscrupulous retailers or taxi drivers or other service providers. These vendors can try to catch your attention viewing a visitor within the country while quoting high exchange rates as the common trick.

Also, take note and research for the tour company you are going to pursue to complete your entire trip. You can come across the practice of begging, especially in the tourist area, but these beggars will give you space once they receive your denial.

Documents and Money

It is common for travelers to lose their cash and passport visa, so make sure to keep them safely in the hotel. Also, always carry the photocopy of your documents. You can also use a money belt, which can be worn inside your clothing, may be within the jacket can be a smart move.

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Also, never keep your money, documents, and essentials at one place. Losing everything in one go can be problematic for the travelers any day.

Therefore, here were some simple yet essential tips to follow for Women Traveling in Vietnam.

Be Safe, Enjoy More!

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