Tasty Adventure: Mui Ne Street Food Festival

Beautiful local beaches, amazing water sports, relaxing spa treatments… These are only some of the main reasons for visiting beach resort in  Mui Ne and exploring the area of Phan Thiet. But there’s even more! Depending on your timing, you may even get the chance of experiencing Mui Ne transformed into a real paradise for foodies.

The charmingly festive atmosphere of the local street food festival is something you shouldn’t miss if you happen to visit Mui Ne at the time it takes place. The festival is held a couple of times a year and it usually lasts two days, normally in January, April, and July.

The great local food offer is owed to the fact that practically all local restaurants, resorts, and businesses unite to provide an amazing experience for curious visitors.

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During the festival, the streets of this charming town become crowded with amazing foods, drinks, and crafts, additionally spiced up with awesome music (both live and DJ performances) and various fun activities both for kids and adults.

However, what makes Mui Ne Street Food Festival a great event is not only the food but also the fact that it’s dedicated to both local and international guests, and it’s really magical to see all the locals gathering to help organize the festival, and then celebrating and having fun with tourists.

The meals not to miss at Mui Ne Street Food Festival

If you’re willing to explore the local cuisine of Phan Thiet in Mui Ne, you’ll definitely need more than these two festive days. But there are some meals that you should not miss if you want to start your foodie adventure in the best way. So, once you start exploring the food stalls, make sure to grab:

Bánh mì xíu mại trứng luộc. This incredible local sandwich is so famous and popular because of its mouth-watering ingredients: minced pork meatballs and boiled eggs combined with chili, lime, sugar, and fish sauce.

Bánh tráng nướng mắm ruốc. Resembling spring rolls that are popular in the southern part of the country, this dish is a common afternoon and evening snack in Mui Ne and it’s special because the rice paper actually rolls up when grilled.

Bánh rế. This sweet cake made from either cassavas or ripe sweet potatoes and melted granulated sugar is an awesome treat that resembles a bamboo basket and it’s a perfect meal to combine with a cup of hot tea during the cold days.

Finally, if you’re a tourist and don’t feel brave enough to taste the local dishes (which is such a shame, by the way!), you don’t have to worry anyway!

You can also find national and international meals at pretty low prices! 🙂

Photo courtesy: Mui Ne Street Food Festival 

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