Ten Facts about Wildlife in Vietnam

Those who are interested in biology and who’re willing to get to know about new species of animals and plants will probably be so excited to explore the Vietnamese species since there is a wide variety of them. Lying in the ecozone of Indomalaya, as a country with the incredibly high level of biological diversity, Vietnam is a perfect place for biological and ecological researchers. Stay with us and learn about flora and fauna of this country through our ten facts about wildlife in Vietnam.

1.     Almost 16.000 species of plants are found in Vietnam.

The specific thin and stretched shape of the country has influenced its spreading across tree climate zones, which significantly influenced the variety of floral species in Vietnam. Ten percent of these species are endemic and some of them are Golden Vietnamese Cypress, Kempf’s Pine, and various types of orchids.

2. The diversity of flora and fauna in Vietnam is also owed to its dense rainforests.

The dense lush rainforests of Vietnam represent the perfect habitat for numerous different plants. Therefore, in these exotic Vietnamese forests, you may be able to spot a wide variety of floral species, including bamboo, a large number of different orchids, wild rhododendrons, and mangrove in the coastal area. Among them, you’ll also be able to see various animal species hidden in the lush foliage – starting from insects and reptiles, all the way to numerous bird species. The overall number of species of fauna in Vietnam is estimated to more than 11.000.

3.     More than 10% of birds found in Vietnam are endemic.

Some of the birds that you can spot only in Vietnam are Vietnamese goldfinch, grey-crowned crocias, imperial pheasant, chestnut-eared laughing thrush and many others. The rarest of them can be spotted near the Lao border, in the forests, such as Edward’s pheasant.

4. There are more than 2500 species of fish in the waters of Vietnam.

You may not be surprised by this fact having in mind the position of the country, however, the numbers are still pretty impressive. When it comes to freshwater fish in Vietnam, the number of the species that are spotted until this moment is around 550, while the number of marine species exceeds 2000 types. Do we have to mention that a wide variety of them can only be found in this part of the world?  One of the most jeopardized species is Mekong giant catfish.

5. The Vietnamese wildlife can brag with a significant number of monkeys, apes, and gibbons.

Primates definitely can be considered as an important part of the wildlife in Vietnam, having in mind the fact there is a large number of different types of them. Some of the rarest primates are the eastern black crested gibbon (which is the second rarest primate in the world, after Hainan gibbon). Another Vietnamese primate at the edge of extinction is a black and white monkey, with less than 300 individuals left alive.

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6. Vietnam is also known for numerous species of lizards, including the endemic ones.

Vietnam is well-known for a wide variety of lizards and there is also a number of them that cannot be found out of the borders of Vietnam. Some of the most exquisite types of lizards characteristic for this area are green pricklenape lizard, the Chinese water dragon, the Asian glass lizard, the Vietnamese leopard gecko, etc.

7. Some of the world’s most interesting snake species can be seen in Vietnam.

Besides the well-known snake species that can be found in Vietnam, such as pythons, kraits, and cobras, one of the most interesting snake species that attracts a lot of attention is the rhinoceros snake. This snake is not venomous, it can only be found in highlands of Vietnam and has several other names, so it can be referred to as the green unicorn, the rhino rat snake, etc. Oriental pit viper is another endemic snake species which lives in the area of Hoang Lien Mountains.

8. A large number of Vietnamese tigers was killed to provide the stock for Chinese pharmacies.

Therefore, nowadays, there is less than 50 wild tigers in the area of Vietnam and the majority of them hides in the area of dense forests of Central and Northern Annamites.

9. There are only two types of crocodile within the borders of Vietnam.

Not only there are only two types of crocodile in Vietnam but they are also rarely seen because of the excessive hunting activities and destructions of their habitat. These crocodiles are the saltwater crocodile and the Siamese crocodile, which is the smaller one and lives in the freshwater. Crocodiles in Vietnam are often domestically bred as they are seen as a valuable source of different products, including food and clothing.

10. The beautiful Saola antelope is one of the rarest animals in Vietnam.

Fighting for its existence in the valleys near the Annamite Mountains that spread between Laos and Vietnam, Saola antelope has never been closer to the extinction. This peaceful and shy animal is rarely seen near the local villages.

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