The Festive Spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam

Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Cake Festival, is one of the most important and vivid festivals in the tradition of Vietnamese people, just after Vietnam Lunar New Year celebration. Not only does it unite local people to celebrate the noblest spiritual values but it also includes various fun and amusing activities.

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In this post, we’ll try to show you all the essential aspects of this festival which make it so special and unique.

When and Where Does Mid-Autumn Festival Take Place?

As its name says, Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month in lunar calendar, which equals last days of September or first days of October in the Gregorian calendar.

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Kids and adults all across the country celebrate it with lots of love and affection, however, Mid-Autumn Festival is not only a Vietnamese festival. It is also a festivity in Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Japan, and many others.

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What Makes Mid-Autumn Festival So Special?

Maybe the main reason for the popularity of this festival is the fact that it comprises three important spiritual principles – Reunion, Thanksgiving, and Praying.

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Even though kids are those who are most excited about the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is also the time of the year when all family members and friends come together, harvesting crops. Thanksgiving is the part of the festival when they express their gratitude for the rich harvest and good relationships. Finally, Praying represents the expression of wishes related to their spiritual or material well-being.

What Does the Festival Consist of?

This festival is a picturesque mixture of tasty food, fun activities and incredible performances. One of the most popular activities is making masks and lanterns. They are usually made by skillful people who experiment, creating innovative lanterns based on traditional motives and designs.

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When it comes to food, candies, biscuits, and fruits are unavoidable, but the shiniest star on the tables across Vietnam is Moon Cake, which is a cake that’s made only on Mid-Autumn Festival. This unique cake is a symbol of happiness, health, wealth and luck, and it represents an interesting mixture of flavors. It includes peanut, dried fruit, eggs, pumpkin seed, and meat.

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Apart from handicraft and food, Mid-Autumn Festival is also well-known for bright, vivid, picturesque performances that happen in the evening of full-moon. This is the part of the festival when kids come together and use their original masks and lanterns while performing special dances. You can see different kinds of performances, such as folklore song and fantastic lion dance parade. During this parade, children in groups go through the streets, from door to door, and do the lion dance in front of families, bringing them joy and fortune. In return, families are supposed to thank them by giving them „lucky money“.

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The festival also includes various art activities, lantern fairs, dragon boat races, and many other segments that attract not only the attention of local people but international visitors, as well. It is a unique experience that you shouldn’t miss if you want to explore the essence of Vietnamese culture and tradition.

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