The Most Beautiful Cities in Vietnam

Having in mind the situation of Vietnam, it is highly possible you won’t be able to explore all of the beautiful areas of the country during a regular vacation. However, there are some places that you should try not to skip since they will show you the full spirit of Vietnam in the best possible way.

Besides Hanoi, which is the capital of the country abundant with cultural and recreational sites, we present you our list of five more beautiful cities or places to visit in Vietnam you are going to love.

1.      Ho Chi Minh City – Busy but Romantic

002 ho chi minh city

Historically known as Saigon and also famous as the Pearl of the Far East, the city of Ho Chi Minh nowadays represents the largest city and one of the best places in vietnam. Combining classic antique villas and tall modern towers, Ho Chi Minh is an attractive and dynamic place where you will spend enjoyable moments thanks to various cultural, nightlife, and recreational sites, as well as friendly and kind people. The picturesque view of the old Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, and romantic Starlight Bridge rising above the city with its charming lights at night will enchant you.


2.      Da Nang City – Clear and Relaxing

da nang

With its stunning Marble Mountains, Han River Bridge, and Son Tra Peninsula located only 13 kilometers from the city center, Da Nang City provides a more relaxed and tranquil ambience offering the untouched natural scenery of the crystal clear sea splashing the white-sanded coastline and diverse flora and fauna. The incredibly clean environment and delicious cuisine with typical meals such as Banh Xeo and Nem Lui are probably the major advantages of Da Nang when compared to the other cities in Vietnam.Apart from the tourists can stay at one of the best resort in southern vietnam among them bamboo village beach resort & spa is widely popular among the tourists.

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3.      Hoi An – Ancient and Elevating

002 hoi an

If you are willing to dive in the Vietnam’s feudalistic history, there is no better way for doing so than visiting the former major trading port of the country and the ancient city of Hoi An, located on the coast of Vietnam’s Central Sea, which is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also a great spot for the tourists to get some interesting handmade souvenirs and clothes resembling the local Vietnamese tradition and culture. Famous for its four impressive museums (The Folklore Museum, The Museum of Sa Huynh Culture, The Museum of History and Culture, The Museum of Trade Ceramics), it is a precious gem for all of the lovers of culture.

4.      Tuy Hoa – Friendly and Shiny


The city of Tuy Hoa belongs to the beautiful area of Phu Yen Province in south-central Vietnam and it can brag about the incredible mountains of Chop Chai and Nhan rising from the central area of the city, offering the priceless view of the entire city area from the Champa Temple located at the top of Nhan. It is located right beside the coastline and it is famous for its cheap tasty food and positive and kind people. The city is especially charming in the night when small romantic oil lamps take over the city streets and make the city shine.

5.      Da Lat – Peaceful and Poetic

The ones tired of the traffic jams and noisy areas will be thrilled to stay in Da Lat, even though there is no traffic signal in this city! Lying in Langbian Plateau in the Central Highlands, Da Lat is said to be the city of the serene atmosphere and romantic areas, with various nicknames proving this – it is known as City of a Thousand Flowers, City in the Fog, and Little Paris. Once you get in Da Lat, you should not miss trekking on the spiral paths in the mysterious pine wood. For the absolute pleasure, enjoy the marigold tree with its charming blossoms during the winter months and the Flower Park. Opposite to the major part of the country which has a tropical climate, the valleys of Da Lat are most of the time covered with the mist and that’s what makes this city unique.

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