The Most Beautiful Rice Fields in Vietnam

Being an essential part of the Vietnamese lifestyle for centuries, rice represents one of the major trademarks of Vietnam. Apart from the fact that rice as a  significantly impacts the local cuisine, the fields of its cultivation also represent a valuable cultural heritage.

Beautifully ornamenting the landscapes of Vietnam,  rice fields have become a must-see tourist attraction in this part of the world. But when to visit them to get the most of their beauty? But what are the most impressive rice fields in Vietnam? And when to visit them to get the most of their beauty? Read on and find out!

Must-Visit Rice Fields In Vietnam

Lao Cai Province: Sapa Rice Paddies


If you’re exploring the area of North West Vietnam, then make sure not to miss the rice paddies of Sapa. Even though Sapa is an extremely popular tourist destination in Vietnam owed to its various beauties, the rice terraces surrounding the town are especially worth exploring. Not only will you be able to enjoy the endless emerald fields, but you’ll also get a chance to get in touch with local communities.

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Apart from discovering the enchanting terraces of Dao, Hmong, Tay, and other villages near Sapa, we suggest you explore their local art craft and visit the vivid traditional markets.

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Ha Giang Province: Hoang Su Phi Rice Fields


Adorably ornamenting the mountainous landscape of Ha Giang, the rice fields in Hoang Su Phi are famous for the perfect green and yellow shades that will leave you speechless. Even though the rice fields in this part of Vietnam are spread through numerous communities, the most beautiful ones are situated in Ban Phung and Ban Luoc.

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So, if you want to have a unique trekking experience that includes enjoying the majestic view of the inspiring terraces, make sure not to miss these inspiring fields. And don’t forget your camera!

Yen Bai Province: Mu Cang Chai Rice Terraces


Representing another gem of Northern Vietnam, the terraces of Mu Cang Chai form an incredibly picturesque landscape based on the warm mixture of relaxing green and yellow shades. Even though this area of Vietnam is considered one of the poorest parts of the country, it doesn’t mean that you won’t enjoy exploring it. Moreover, this wast rice-covered landscape is recognized as a National Vestige.

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In addition, apart from admiring the adorable rice fields, you’ll be able to explore the lifestyle of local communities, such as Hmong and Tay.

When To Go To Rice Terraces In Vietnam?

Finally, to get the most of your rice-field inspired journey, you should know when to make a visit. Owed to varied climate and geographic conditions, the best timing for visiting rice terraces depends on the region that you’re exploring. For instance, while the mountainous areas only have a single harvest season annually, in the delta region, you have several possibilities of enjoying the harvest.

So, to catch the most captivating sights of the lush terraces, you can choose between two seasons, which are the pouring water season in May, and harvest season, lasting from late September to early October.

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