The Most Impressive Natural Beauties of Vietnam

If you are looking for a  perfect escape from the city rush and traffic jams to explore different vietnam destinations, the numerous natural beauties of Vietnam are waiting for you to discover their intact charms while breathing in the fresh air, letting the waves touch your feet, and exploring the wild beauties.

To help you decide where you should go, we have selected some of the most impressive natural beauties of Vietnam so read on to get to know more about them.

1.      Phong Nha Cavern

If you want to wake up the inner researcher and improve your practical knowledge of topography, Phong Nha Cavern is the perfect place to do so by exploring these exquisite caves located in Quang Binh Province belonging to the area of Bo Trach District.


This natural phenomenon is also known as Cave Pagoda and Troc Cavern and during the last couple of years, its incredible stalagmites and stalactites shining above the underground waters have become the object of curiosity for a large number of tourists.

2.      Sapa Rice Terraces

The inspiring scenery of Sapa situated in the northwest area of Vietnam will leave you breathless by giving you a chance to enjoy in beautiful Muong Hoa Valley, which is known as the largest rice terrace in the entire country. The green picturesque fields of cultivated rice will also allow you to experience the life of the local people working on Sapa rice fields.

If you want to fully enjoy the beauties of this area, you should visit Sapa between August and October. Don’t miss visiting local villages such as Lao Chai and Ta Van, as well as Catholic Church, and be sure to take your camera with you –  you’ll want to capture everything.

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3.      Dai Lai Lake

If you don’t have too much time for runaways, you will be happy to know that in only one hour you may switch the busy streets of Hanoi for the wonderful lake ambiance. Dai Lai Lake is only 40 kilometers away from the city and belongs to Vinh Phuc province.


The fresh water of the lake and surrounding forest and mountains are a great place for relaxation, and if you are willing to bring some fun to your getaway, you can try boating, swimming, and diving. In addition to this, tourists who visit this area are encouraged to visit the impressive three hundred years old Castle of Nguyen Danh Phuong.

4.      Danang Marble Mountains

Rising above the beachfront boulevard of Danang city named Truong Sa, the Marble mountains are probably one of the most stunning natural beauties of Vietnam. The imposing mountain range is abundant with intertwined tunnels, Buddhist temples, and caves and it consists of five limestone and marble mountains and all of them are said to symbolize the elements of the old oriental philosophy so they are named after metal, earth, fire, water, and wood.

The greatest attraction of the range is definitely the highest of the mountains – the Mountain of Water (Thuy Son) with the Vong Giang Tower on its very top that provides a spectacular view of the coastal area, surrounding rivers, and the Mount of Metal (Kim Son).

5.      Tranh Stream

Easily approachable by a 15-minute motorbike ride from Duong Dong city, the sparkly water of Tranh Stream ripples for 15 kilometers through the diverse forest terrains of Phu Quoc island district, weaving all the way from Ham Ninh Mountains through the greenery and creating the mind-blowing waterfalls.

The area is ideal for camping, especially if you’re up to observing the amazing flora and fauna while conquering Grotto of Bat, located on the mountain and famous for its interesting stalactites these are some attractions of the vietnam destinations.

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