The Most Incredible Sunset Viewing Spots in Vietnam

There’s nothing more relaxing and romantic than a charming sunset observed from a beautiful spot. The only issue you may experience in Vietnam is – making a choice from among numerous enchanting places throughout the country. And that’s why we’ve decided to help you create your own list of sunsets that you shouldn’t miss by sharing the views from the places that left us speechless. Read on and discover the beauties of awe-inspiring sunset viewing spots in Vietnam.

Hoi An

Numerous travelers that have experienced the sunsets in the rice fields surrounding Hoi An can witness about the stunning beauty of the view. What makes the sunset from the rice fields of Hoi An so special is the fact that the lush terraces get a completely new shade under the setting sun. And if you’d rather choose to enjoy a sunset from the heart of the city, make sure to take a boat ride on the Thu Bon River.

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Floating between the buildings ornamented with lovely traditional lanterns as the sun goes down, you will experience Hoi An from an entirely different perspective.

Chau Doc

If you’re looking for a spectacular sunset in the area of Mekong Delta, then remember visiting Chau Doc. The city offers various incredible spots that let you enjoy magnificent sunsets.

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In addition, Chau Doc is also known for Sam Mountain, which represents a sacred mountain with an immense Buddha statue and a large number of temples and pagodas. And the temples are not the only reason for you to explore this mountain, as the sunset magic begins right at its top.

No matter whether you decide to catch the sunset in the town or at the top of the mountain, it’s pretty sure there’s nothing more charming and relaxing than sleepy sun painting the Mekong Delta in the warm red and orange shades.

Halong Bay

The alluring sunlight slowly spreads over the tree-topped limestone peaks before graciously fading behind them… That’s a typical sunset in Halong Bay.

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The warm colors spreading above the dazzling water in the summer are especially beautiful when observed while floating on the ocean, but you can also enjoy them as you wander along the peaceful coastline.

Mui Ne

No matter how many times you observe the sunsets in Mui Ne, each of them will feel different. In this picturesque fishing town, you can enjoy the sunsets on the mui ne beach, as the playful kites conquer the skies, or you may visit the fishing harbor and enjoy the purple and red shades spreading over the colorful traditional fishing boats. And that’s not all.

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If you want something really different, don’t miss a chance of enjoying sunsets from the sand dunes that are only around 20 miles from the town.

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Finally, once you decide to visit the dunes, make sure to also take a walk to the Lotus lake – you’ll fall in love with the delicate lotus flowers floating on the sparkly water as last sunrays play with them.

While differences in the environment make these sunset viewing places unique and inspiring, the endless possibilities of discovering local lifestyle make them even more memorable and worth experiencing. Which of them would you choose for a perfect sunset?

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