Things You Must Know when Traveling to Vietnam – Part Two

In the previous post from this series, we’ve discussed some important things you should know and do before coming to Vietnam. Make sure not to miss them by reading through it right here. Today, we’re paying more attention to everything you should know once your plane lands in this country. Read on to find out about some things you should definitely know when you get to Vietnam.

Local people don’t bite!

For some weird reason, a large number of travelers feels the aversion toward local people, thinking they’re not polite or not friendly enough. However, there’s only one big truth about them. They will behave how you behave. If you ignore them or you’re rude towards them (intentionally or unintentionally, because you don’t know about their etiquette), they’ll act the same towards you. If you approach them with a smile, in 99 percent of cases, you’ll get a positive feedback. So, close those judgy eyes and just smile.

Taxi drivers may bite!

You shouldn’t take this literally but if somebody may try to cheat you in Vietnam, those would be the scam taxi drivers and the larger cities there is a number of them! If you’re visiting Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, make sure your driver speaks English so that you can understand each other before you have your money taken out of your wallet. Maybe the safest solution is to organize a hotel pick-up from the airport.

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Save your money by buying a ticket for an overnight bus

The overnight buses in Vietnam may be a good way for you to cross long distances and at the same time save your money. However, you should know you may experience the problem of not working bathrooms and some nasty smells. To minimize your chances for this to happen, book a top bunk far from the bathroom.

Stay out of problematic nightlife situations

As you probably know by now, in larger cities in Vietnam, bars and nightclubs shouldn’t be open after the official curfew. We say „shouldn’t“, because in numerous cases, they actually do stay open. So, if you don’t want to mess with police in a foreign country, you may want to respect the law and rules existing in that country. Even though it is not unusual for local people to hide in the dark of the club pretending it’s closed until the police drive away, we strongly recommend you don’t do it. Those moments of waiting in the dark may also be a perfect opportunity for pickpockets to get lucky.

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Be careful in the traffic

Many of us know how busy and messy Vietnamese streets may be. Not only you should be a careful pedestrian because of the problematic streets without traffic lights but you should also be a really responsible and mindful driver. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a bike, a motorbike, or a car, you should keep your eyes open and do your best not to lose your nerves while driving.

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