Top 10 Luxury Treatments at best spa in mui ne – Water lily spa

Offering you a completely relaxing experience at the best spa in mui ne, the magnificent Water Lily Spa gives a wonderful chance of exposing your natural beauty. If you decide to spend your vacation in Bamboo Village, you should not miss waterlily spa whose thematic inspiration is the loveliness of water lilies, as the symbol of the irresistible natural beauty.

In this post, we are introducing some of the most popular and most beautifying luxury treatments at Water Lily Spa.

1. Physiodermie Detox Facial & Lift Signature Facial (100′)

This exquisite facial treatment based on Manual Lymphatic Drainage and muscle-lifting procedures is probably one of the most popular treatments in Water Lily Spa. The procedure is efficient when it comes to activating collagen production and skin rejuvenation. The professional staff performing the treatment will provide you a youthful complexion you are going to love.

2. Aloe Vera Sunburn Treatment (60′)

Based on relaxing Swedish massage enriched with aloe vera, Aloe Vera Sunburn Treatment is performed to reduce the unpleasant sensation of sunburn on your skin by soothing and healing the sunburnt area, making it easier for you to overcome it and continue with your beach vacation.

3. Vietnamese Massage (75′)

Consisting of several techniques, such as aromatherapy, acupressure, and hot towel wraps, Vietnamese Massage is definitely one of the treatments you should not miss at Water Lily Spa. It will give you some incredibly relaxing moments and make you feel serene.

4. Water Lily Massage (75′)

Another must-try massage offered in Water Lily Spa has the same name as the spa. It represents an incredible treatment applied to your head, body, and feet by the professional staff that will use Thai and Foot massage techniques to provide you the best possible experience.

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5. Bamboo Massage (90′)

Bamboo Body Massage is an especially interesting treatment will stimulate your body muscles and make you feel relieved by eliminating tension in the treated areas. It is performed by the usage of bamboo canes and kneading techniques.

6. Herbal Ball Massage (90′)

If you are a lover of warm treatments, Herbal Ball Massage is the perfect option for you. It won’t only help your body eliminate the toxins while at the same time treating the tense muscles but it will also make you regain your balance and refill your energy supplies. The massage is based on the usage of homemade herbal remedies which makes it a completely noninvasive natural experience.

7. Hot Stone Aromatherapy (75′)

This divine treatment which is considered one of the greatest detox therapies at Water Lily Spa will relax your entire body and warm your over-worked muscles. As its name says, this effect is provided by the usage of hot stones, that will perfectly glide over your body, making you feel heavenly well.

8. Body Scrub & Wrap with Organic Ingredients (75′)

No matter whether you choose sesame, coffee, or Dead Sea salt, body scrubs that will be used to apply these organic ingredients over your body will remove all of the toxins from the skin surface, leaving you with naturally beautiful and cleansed skin free of all of the toxins.

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9. Dead Sea Mud Mask (75′)

After applying this magnificent mask all over your body, your skin will be cleansed, soothed, and revitalized, thanks to the incredible ingredients that include a variety of precious minerals from the Dead Sea. Since there is definitely nothing more beautiful than a refreshed and youthful skin tone, you should definitely dive into the charms of this therapy.

10. Ultimate treatment: Day Spa Packages

The last but definitely not the least, Day Spa Package in Water Lily Spa is a completely overwhelming experience that will provide you not only peace and relaxation but also some wonderful results when it comes to both your body and soul.

Depending on your wishes and desired therapies, you may choose among various incredible combinations of treatments. Therefore, you can enjoy having some fantastic experiences at the one of the best spa in mui ne based on different day packages, such as Rejuvenating Package, Water Lily Spa Healing, A Blissful Bamboo Village Day Package, or Nature Lover Package. All of the packages include use of the steam bath or sauna, different types of massages, and tea brakes, so don’t hesitate to check them out and find your favorite.

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