Top 10 Things to Do in Mui Ne

Even though it is just a tiny coastal fishing town, the tourists’ interest in Mui Ne has increased during the last couple of years and we are bringing you top ten of the awesome things you can do in Mui Ne and realize the reasons why this city is so charming.

  1. Visit Po Shanu Cham Towers and learn about the history of the Cham people.


Po Shanu Cham Tower originates from the ninth century and it is about five kilometers away from the center of Mui Ne. It was built in the Hoa Lai style by the Cham people who are believed to have descended from the Sa Huynh. The beautiful remains of the tower today include a small building dedicated to Hindu God Shiva and two tall towers.

  1. Join the fishermen on a fishing tour in Mui Ne harbor and have a morning coffee at East Cape beach bar.



The best time for visiting the vivid and colorful harbor of Mui Ne is early morning. That’s when you’ll be able to see the numerous beautiful fishing boats and explore the neighboring markets without getting into crowds. If you are lucky, some of the fishermen may invite you to join them in their fishing activities which is one of the best things to do in Mui ne. Once you get tired of wandering around, you may need to refill your energy supplies and there’s no better way for that than ordering your favorite drink in the relaxed cozy ambiance of East Cape.

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  1. Experience Mui Ne on a motorbike.



Since most of the most attractive places in Mui Ne are not within an easily walkable distance, you may want to find a vehicle that will suit your needs the best. Cab and tuk-tuk can be potentially good solutions but if you want more freedom and independence, you should definitely rent a motorbike or a scooter (which is pretty easy) and ride it through the picturesque areas of Mui Ne.

  1. Enjoy the stunning beaches and beach bars, starting from East Cape beach bar.

Mui Ne is definitely a place that can brag about the incredible beach scenery. For a better experience, you are recommended to visit the exotic bars on the beaches. They are usually located in the shadows of coconut trees and there you can get some fresh food and drinks, a shower, and a comfy sunbed to relax. The most splendid sunset view can be enjoyed from the East Cape beach bar at one of the best best beach resort in mui ne which is Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa where you can enjoy refreshing tropical cocktails and fresh juices

  1. Have some luxurious relaxation moments.



One of the best places in Mui Ne for you to have a divine luxurious experience is the hilltop leisure complex Bun Khoang which is a great option if you are not comfortable with sea swimming, or just want to chill out in a pool. Awesome pools for adults and children, sun loungers, mineral baths and mud pools will make you feel as if you were in paradise.

  1. Learn the Vietnamese style of cooking.



If you’ve tasted Vietnamese food and you’re interested in taking some knowledge about Vietnamese way of cooking back to your home, cooking classes by the beach are the best activity for you. For about US$35, you will be able to get to know more about the essence of cooking in Vietnam and visit the local market to be taught how to pick the right groceries.

  1. Play golf on the terrific courses in Mui Ne.



One of the best courses that you can find in Mui Ne is the one owned by Sea Links Golf & Country Club, which offers more than 7000 yards of the area with the incredible ocean view, challenging course with various water hazards, and a resort hotel. Impressive, isn’t it?

  1. Admire Linh Long Tu Temple.



This temple is known for its beautiful altars, small temples, and an incredibly large statue of lying Buddha. From the hill where it is located, you can enjoy the view of the harbor and Catholic Church.

  1. Treat yourself with the exquisite spa treatments at Water Lily Spa.

Even though it is a small fishing town, Mui Ne offers a wide variety of places where you can get luxurious oil and traditional massages and the unforgettable spa experience. One of the most reliable options for this kind of relaxation, recommended by numerous tourists who have already experienced the charms of its magnificent treatments, is definitely Water Lily Spa, so don’t hesitate to get the most from it.

  1. Master the water sports in the best possible conditions.



Since the kitesurfing is one of the most popular water sports in Mui Ne, you can get some classes and safety instructions in various schools in order to master this adventure sport. One of the best places is for that is Mui Ne original kitesurfing school named Jibes where you can also rent the gear for various water sports.

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