Top 10 Things to Do in Phan Thiet

If you find yourself for the first time in Phan Thiet without knowing what should not be missed in this bustling port city, you may want to have this little guide of top 10 things to do in Phan Thiet in your pocket. Here is our list!

  1. Dine out


Even though you won’t really find a lot of places for dining out, the ones that you can visit have a pretty nice offer of food. Phan Thiet is still trying to get its way to the tourists. In a typical Vietnamese plate, you’ll be able to taste different vegetables, fish, and seafood, and you may notice some similarities with the French style of cooking. The most famous local restaurants are Toan Duong Quan and Kim Son Lau. Some Italian restaurants are available as well.One can have all these delicious vietnamese dishes at one of the best resort in phan theit known as bamboo village beach resort and spa.

  1. Visit the fishing villages


Visiting the riverside can be a pretty nice experience – you’ll be able to see some really interesting round-shaped vividly colored boats. If you are lucky enough, some of the fishermen may invite you to go fishing with them.

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  1. Get to know about nuoc mam



Phan Thiet is famous for the fish sauce production locally known as nuoc mam. Even it doesn’t have a great smell, it may be pretty interesting for you to visit the production spots and check out the procedure.

  1. Enjoy the White Lake



Located in the middle of sand dunes and low forests, rich with the natural freshwater, this lake has been the inspiration for various artists. The blooming lotuses, birds, and blue water will make you feel as relaxed as possible.

  1. Visit the Ta Ku Mountain



What makes this mountain so impressive is the fact that it offers a wide variety of things to see, starting from the lush jungle, all the way to numerous Buddhism relics. It is 694 meters tall, and the climate conditions at the top are pretty pleasant. It is only an hour drive away from Mui Ne.

  1. Swim to Ke Ga Lighthouse



If you are not brave enough to swim or wade to reach the rocky islet where Ke Ga Lighthouse is situated, you can use a boat to overcome the 300-meter distance from the shore. Either way, you should not miss this tall building and the perfect views provided from the top.

  1. Step in The Fairy Stream



By visiting The Fairy Stream, you won’t only be able to enjoy the natural beauty of vividly colored limestone formations, waterfall, and green trees, but you will also have the chance of sensating mud and warm water of the Stream, hidden between the beaches and villages. Take off your shoes and step into the muddy stream – you are going to love the feeling.

  1. Be adventurous on sand dunes



Climb up, slide down, and observe the stunning sand waves from the summit. The Red Sand Dunes are especially attractive, and every year they attract a large number of tourists who want to enjoy this sensational experience. The constant sand waves rolling caused by the wind may completely reshape the dunes which is especially interesting.

  1. Visit Ho Chi Minh Museum

006-ho-chi-minhimage: Ho Chi Minh holding his daughter

Visiting this museum is a pretty interesting thing to do having in mind that it is actually the place where Ho Chi Minh, one of the greatest communist Vietnamese leaders, had spent his days until he decided to go to Saigon and find the way to save Vietnam. The museum exists from 1986.

  1. Get a kitesurfing lesson


Famous for its windy conditions, Phan Thiet and Mui Ne are great places for kitesurfing. Even if you have no experience, you should not worry – there is a large number of schools and instructors that teach kite surfing. Even children and complete amateurs can enjoy this sport and what’s the better place for that than one of the beautiful sandy beaches of Phan Thiet which are among the best vietnam destinations!

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