Top 10 Things to Pack for A Beach Vacation in Vietnam

If you are planning to spend the majority of your vacation at one of the best beach resort in Vietnam, besides your passport, swimsuits, and regular luggage, you are going to need some additional items that will make your beach vacation more pleasant.


That’s why we’ve prepared a list of top 10 items that shouldn’t be forgotten. Check them out and pack them right away!

1.Sunscreen protection and sunglasses


Before heading to the beaches of Vietnam you should be aware of the heat level and protect your skin and your eyes from sun rays – sunburn is not a rare consequence of the constant tropical temperatures, so you better act preventively. In Vietnam, the appropriate factor of the protective cream or lotion should be around 45.

2.Light clothes spiced with raincoat

Sure, you won’t be sitting on a beach in a sweater but you should know that evenings in Vietnam can be a bit fresher than the afternoons. In addition to this, you may be a witness of a sudden rainstorm in the middle of a sunny day, so you better have something that will keep you warm and dry.

3.A hat with a large brim



Another practical (and stylish!) way of protecting from the sun are the hats with the large brim that will keep your head in the shade. However, if you forget to bring your own hat, don’t miss the chance to get the popular Vietnamese straw hat! They are a great (waterproof!) way of hiding you from the nasty climate conditions and can be bought all around Vietnam. The price of the hat depends on its quality and the ornaments but an average price of a hat is around 15,000 VND.

4.Some comfy shoes

Depending on the type of your beach vacation in Vietnam, you are going to need some shoes you feel comfortable in – if you plan to hike and explore the surrounding beach area, you should bring some walking shoes, boots or sneakers, depending on the lush of the area surrounding the beach.  If your only goal is to enjoy the beach, flip-flops and sandals will be enough.

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5.     Ziplock plastic bags



No matter whether you are going to use them to keep your passport, personal belongings, phone, food, medicines, or some rare plants and tiny interesting rocks you’ve found at the beach, these bags in different sizes are a great way to additionally protect the stuff you are carrying with you.

6.A good insect repellent

If you are headed for a vacation on a solitary wild beach, you shouldn’t make a single step without an insect repellent. We don’t want to panic, but we also don’t want you to fear from malaria or another disease during your vacation. Therefore, pack the repellent in your bag and have no worries.

7.Some band-aid strips



Besides the repellent, you should find some space in your bag where you will keep a couple of band-aid strips in several sizes. They can be a practical solution for different types of negligible injuries that still require your attention. In order not to earn an infection or something similar, act quickly and cover the wound.

8.     Fever reducer

In case you have the sensitive skin type and you catch the sunburn easily, you may want to have some fever reducers with you. This kind of medicine, that you have used and confirmed they work for you, may be a pretty helpful solution when dealing with headaches or fevers.

9.     Antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer



Enriched with aloe vera, perfumed or not, a smaller or a larger package, it doesn’t really matter – their main purpose is to keep you fresh and clean when you don’t have the access to drinking water that can be used for freshening up, especially if you are in a beach camp.

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10.   Your camera

Once you find yourself at one of the stunning Vietnamese beaches, you will feel pretty bad without your camera. The coastline scenery and the intact beauty of the crystal clear fresh sea water definitely are the pictures worth taking.

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