Even though there is a large number of different beaches all around Vietnam, if you want to have the best beach experience, you should check some of these five incredible beach destinations that will turn your vacation into a wonderful dream!

  1. Mui Ne Beach

mui ne

If you are looking for a perfect tropical coastal area not so far from Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne beach at Phan Thiet is a great choice. The exquisite seafood, clean beaches splashed by crystal clear water, various recreational activities including water sports and hiking to the sand hills close to the beaches, as well as stunning islets, gulfs, and religious architecture are only some of the factors that will make your vacation in Mui Ne unforgettable. Mui Ne also has a diverse offer of accommodation – you can get a hotel room, an apartment, or a luxurious bungalow – it is completely up to you and your budget!

  1. Cua Dai Beach

cua dai

One of the most popular beaches in Quang Nam province, Cua Dai Beach, is located less than 5 kilometers from Hoi An. With the gentle waves of deep blue water splashing the soft white sand of the coast, this beach is one of the favorite destinations for tourists who come to Vietnam in search of a place which is peaceful and not too crowded. Various resorts, excellent seafood restaurants, and intact natural beauty including tall palm trees along the coast providing the shade, as well as available water sports are the keywords when it comes to Cua Dai.

  1. Phu Quoc Beach


If you’ve ever wondered why this beach represents a real magnet for tourists, you probably haven’t had in mind the fact it’s the largest island in the entire country. Therefore, Phu Quoc provides not only a large number of recreational activities and amazing coastline, but it is also abundant with the religious, cultural, and historical heritage. Depending on your preferences, on the island of Phu Quoc, you can find both the peaceful beaches with the gentle waves and the ones that will take your adrenaline to the highest level! In addition to all these great things about Phu Quoc, the local people are extremely friendly and kind, making your vacation even nicer.

  1. Son Tra Beach

son tra

Belonging to Son Tra District and representing the amazing coastline of the peninsula with the same name only 13 kilometers away from the city of Danang, Son Tra Beach is an incredible place! Besides dedicating to water sports (especially snorkeling and scuba diving), sunbathing, and cuisine exploration, you can also explore the natural habitat of the numerous animals, including a large number of monkeys. The dense green forests surrounding the coastline are also well-known for various plants.  Son Tra Beach actually consists of three main beaches – North, South, and Buddha beach, and they are all white-sanded, surrounded by the rainforest, and rich with the stunning coral reefs. Interesting spots to visit are the villages located in the inner parts of the peninsula that offer you the picturesque view of the entire surrounding area and the coastline.

  1. Sam Son Beach

sam son

The small town of Sam Son was established in 1907 by the French, about 170 kilometers from the city of Hanoi. Today, it offers one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Even though it is a beach loved by the local people, tourists also enjoy spending time in Sam Son since it offers a wide range of attractions. White-sanded beaches, beach sports, walking food vendors and luxurious resorts with incredible pools are only some parts of the diverse offer of Sam Son. The area is also known for the beauty of Duong Coc Lake and Truong Le Mountain which you can visit as well.