Top 5 Tastiest Vietnamese Drinks

Being thirsty in Vietnam is a situation that can be easily solved. Well, maybe not so easy – there is a lot of different local drinks that could quench your thirst easily, and you cannot have all of them at once, can you? That’s why we’ve prepared our top 5 list of the tastiest Vietnamese drinks you can count on when you need refreshment.

1. The Wide Variety of Vietnamese Beers

Vietnam is really a country that can be considered as a country of beer and the best thing about this is the fact that as you travel through the country, the taste of the beer changes. This means that there are local types of beer that can be ordered in different regions of the country.


For example, in Ho Chi Minh City, you can taste the sweetest beers in the country, such as Saigon Red, Saigon Special and 333. Central Vietnam is known for the French-influenced bitterness of Huda and Bia La Rue, while the southern area is famous for the locally produced fresh beer (Bia Hoi).

2. Smooth and Soft Sticky Rice Wine

Being the country that has found numerous uses for rice in everyday life, there is no wonder that Vietnam produces rice wine, as well.


The best thing about the sticky rice wine is not the fact that the percentage of alcohol is just a bit under 30% and that it’s smooth and sweet, but the fact that it’s the favorite Vietnamese drinks when it comes to social gatherings and hanging out, which means that you can enjoy its taste pretty often – friends coming over is the perfect excuse to pop the bottle! It goes awesome with barbecue – no matter if it’s seafood or meat.

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3. Vietnamese Coffee

Once you’re done with partying and all you’d like to stay sober, you can switch the beer and the wine for an awesome cup of strong Robusta coffee, mixed with butter and fish sauce before the final brew, making its taste more delicate.


The Vietnamese coffee is famous for the way of its preparation – it is sipped over ice and it includes a small metal drip filter.  Vietnamese people drink their iced coffee with or without milk, and the black coffee normally has about five teaspoons of sugar in it if you don’t order it differently. Other popular Vietnamese drinks are egg coffee and yogurt coffee.

4. Vietnamese Herbal Tea

Another great refreshing option in Vietnam is their awesome herbal tea, whose sweet taste at the same time resembles the taste of nuts.


It is served with ice and it really may have a wide variety of ingredients, starting from sugar cane, grass roots, corn silk and nettle leaves all the way to variations containing the sawtooth herb flower (coriander flower), roasted water chestnuts, and dried longan. The richness of the mixture will make you crave for it on a hot day during the dry season in Vietnam.

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5. Sugar Cane Juice

Many decades ago, sugar cane juice was produced by the people who had to manually squeeze the juice from the sugar cane stalks and it was a pretty rough job. Today, the street vendors offering this cooling drink in the streets of Vietnam use more practical methods – the electric squashing machines, that make the juice preparation really easier.


When it comes to the taste of the juice, you should not be worried – it is not too sweet since the sugar cane juice is mixed with calamansi, a mandarin-like citrus that perfectly matches the sweetness of the cane and gives it the exquisite and balanced delicious taste. The best thing about it is that you can watch the preparation process and be sure that it’s made of natural ingredients.

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