Top 5 Things You Must Check Out at the best resort in mui ne – Bamboo village resort & spa

If you want to get the best of Mui Ne and enjoy the finest moments that can be experienced in this beautiful town, your first mission should definitely be making a reservation at the best resort in mui ne which is Bamboo Village Resort and Spa, a magnificent complex located right on the coastline of Mui Ne, that provides a unique sensation of white-sanded beach, sparkly waters, and incredibly comfortable accommodation. More about this best resort in Mui Ne comes in this post. Stay with us and find out what are the top 5 most exquisite experiences you shouldn’t miss at Bamboo Village- The best beach resort in Vietnam!

1. Get the most of Water Lily Spa

Water Lily Spa in Bamboo Village provides some of the best treatments based on both Western and Eastern practice. It is the best spa in Mui Ne for you to experience all of the charms of amazing natural healing and rejuvenation treatments. Representing one of the top luxury spas in Mui Ne, it will help you relax with some of the most exquisite treatments. Accordingly, here you can have Vietnamese massages and hot stone aromatherapy. In addition, you can enjoy anti-aging facials and reinvigoration by mud wraps, performed by friendly, responsible, and professional staff.

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2. Enjoy the most delicious local food in Strawy Restaurant

If you are looking forward to tasting local food in Mui Ne, Strawy Restaurant is a perfect place for you. Using only the highest quality ingredients to prepare your favorite meals, Strawy restaurant will enchant you. No matter if you’d like to taste fish salad, Giac snail salad, grilled squid with chili sauce, or Quai Vac with fish sauce, you are going to enjoy every single bite of it. Furthermore, besides all these fantastic meals, you shouldn’t forget to taste the exquisite hot pot (Lau Tha), one of the most popular specialties in Phan Thiet and Strawy Restaurant.

3. Actively relax in Bamboo Village Yoga Studio

When all you need is reconnecting with yourself, Yoga Studio in Bamboo Village is the best place to be at. It offers not only the ideal space for your daily yoga sessions and meditation but also the perfect view of the zen garden located right in front of it. Accordingly, here you’ll be able to find your inner strengths and balance, regenerate your energy, and enjoy the natural environment. However, if you are not that into yoga but you want to stay fit during your vacation, another fantastic option is a great gym which is also offered inside the complex.

4. Embrace the nature of the Bamboo Village’s Botanical Garden

Once you find yourself in this refined green oasis enriched with some of the most beautiful flowers, you’ll be thrilled. This breath-taking lush area will make you reconnect with nature and its charms. The colorful peaceful setting is a great place for you to observe the plants you’ve maybe never seen before. The picturesque scenery will probably be a paradise for photographers and artists looking for inspiration.

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5. Check out the stunning private beach of Bamboo Village

In Bamboo Village Resort and Spa, it doesn’t really matter if you are looking for peace and relaxation or adventurous moments of fun. The private Bamboo Village beach has it all! You can relax sunbathing in the gorgeous sandy beach and drink your cocktail, or take part in some sports activities, such as surfing. Additionally, you are encouraged to test how skilled you are in kitesurfing.

Finally, one thing is sure. The charming waters splashing the jaw-dropping landscape, exquisite accommodation, and professional staff will make your stay in Bamboo Village Resort and Spa an experience worth remembering. The simplicity and natural ambiance of the complex combined with the high-level service are just some of the reasons why tourists choose one of the best resort in mui ne, Bamboo Village Hotel as their favorite place to start and end the day in Mui Ne. 

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