Top 5 Things to Do in Dalat

Dalat is one of the Vietnamese cities widely known for its good climate conditions, various attractions, and great food! Located in the south of the country, Dalat vietnam provides the perfect mixture of the local spirit and tourist attractions. Let’s see what are the top reasons for you to visit the beautiful area of Dalat.

1. Take a cable car to paradise

Even though the cable car ride in this area is a unique experience by itself, the place where it gets you once the ride is finished will take your breath away! You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful Tuyen Lam Lake and surrounding forests, flower gardens, and admire the serene ambiance of the zen monastery lying on the edge of the lake, named Truc Lam Temple.


The area belonging to the temple is divided into the domestic and the public area. Even though the domestic area is not opened to tourist tours, monks and nuns usually come to the public area and tell the story of the monastery to the travelers who are interested in hearing about it. The picturesque view of the city provided from this stop is another awesome reason for you to take a cable car and enjoy the ride.

2.     Explore the magnificent Pongour Waterfall

If you are looking for adventure in Dalat, then get a motorbike and take the chance of exploring the 40 kilometers away Pongour Waterfall. During your ride towards the waterfall, you can also take some time to visit the charming fishing town of Mui Ne, famous for its dunes and numerous available water sports. When you’re done checking out Mui Ne, go back to your track and enjoy the view of the waterfall.


If you are brave enough, get down the slippery rocks all the way to the bottom of the waterfall and admire its stunning beauty from a new perspective, embracing the lush foliage, terraced falls, and the charm of one of the most exotic waterfalls in this part of the world.

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3. Take a ride to Lak Lake

Another great place you can visit by a motorbike is definitely Lak Lake and every second of the ride is definitely worth it. From the incredible Lak Lake, you will be able to see the magnificent green rice terraces and enjoy the city escape in the peaceful, quiet environment.


If you find yourself in this area, travelers recommend visiting Buon Ma Thuot, to check out the plantations of tea and coffee, or visiting the gorgeous beach in Nha Trang.

4. Have a cup of coffee in Dalat

Once you get tired of all the trips and excursions, you will probably want just to chill out, and you’ll be surprised to know how many lovely coffee shops you can find in Dalat.


One of the most popular places to have a coffee in Dalat is Windmills cafe and this coffee shop, that can be found on two locations, is not popular among the locals without a reason. Here you can enjoy the awesome 90s pop music, relax in the beautiful environment, and order your favorite type of coffee.

5. Visit the unique Crazy house

Crazy House in Dalat is definitely the place you must visit. It is also known as Hang Nga guesthouse and it represents a strangely shaped building resembling the fairy tale ones. It has irregular windows and doors and it is inspired by the work of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi.


The most interesting thing about this bizarre building is the fact that it was expanded in order to satisfy the tourist needs – one part of the house was transformed into a guesthouse, so if you are brave enough (and have enough money), we encourage you to spend a couple of nights in one of the crazy rooms. Challenging, isn’t it?

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