Vietnam FunFact Corner: Did You Know This? (Part 2)

If you enjoyed the first post from our Vietnam fun fact series, get ready! We’re bringing you more amusing content related to Vietnamese culture and lifestyle. More precisely, this time, we’re sharing some peculiarities related to Vietnamese food and beverages.

So, if you still haven’t experienced the Vietnamese cuisine or don’t know much about it, these facts should help you get to know more about the tasty side of Vietnam. Read on and check them out!

#1 There is a god of the kitchen in Vietnam.

Vietnam is one of the rare countries in the world that have a deity that protects the kitchen. And that might be one of the essential reasons why Vietnamese cuisine tastes so incredibly delicious! The god’s name is Ong Tao and he makes an important part of the Vietnamese New Year festivities.

Ong Tao (Image source:

People believe that his role is to make the report of household activities for the King of Heaven, each year. And this report is what helps the King of Heaven decide the fate of each family for the year to come.

#2 Vietnamese street cuisine is among the best in the world.

The Vietnamese street food culture is incredibly developed and offers mind-blowingly delicious meals at really low prices. No matter whether you like soups, noodles, or meat, it’s more than likely you’ll find a perfect meal for yourself in the streets of Vietnam.

Vietnamese street food (Image source:

From incredibly popular banh mi sandwiches all the way to not-so-famous yet amazing duck porridge – street corners and stalls offer a diversity of sensational tastes that you are going to love.

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#3 There is no tasty meal in Vietnam without fresh herbs.

No matter what Vietnamese meal you decide to taste, chances that you’ll have it served with no fresh herbs in it are dramatically low.

Vietnamese cuisine (Image source:

The Vietnamese style of food preparation is based on the use of herbs that take the intensity of aroma and flavor to the highest level. They can be chopped and wrapped into dishes or served as a garnish with all types of meals, including soups, sandwiches, noodles, and rolls.

#4 Vietnam is the homeland of some pretty unusual drinks.

Can you even imagine tasting liquid named scorpion wine, snake wine or lizard liquor? And the animal mentioned in their names are not there just for fun. They are actual ingredients!

Snake and scorpion wine (Image source:

Probably the weirdest thing about these drinks is that they actually have beneficial effects. For instance, while the lizard liquor is believed to bring strength, scorpion wine is said to treat back pain and rheumatism, and it is especially popular among older people.

#5 Vietnam is the country of coffee.

Not only is Vietnam the world’s second coffee beans producer but it also has an incredible tradition when it comes to the preparation of this beverage.

Vietnamese coffee preparation (Image source:

The Vietnamese coffee is special compared to other coffees because of the fact that Vietnamese producers add butter and brandy when roasting coffee. And that’s not all when it comes to surprises in your cup of Vietnamese coffee! Apart from ground coffee, the recipe normally includes condensed milk and eggs, as well.

Which of the listed facts impressed you the most? Would you dare to try the exotic Vietnamese beverages? Or would you rather stick to Vietnamese coffee? 🙂 Let us know what you think! 

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