The Vietnamese People: The Dragon’s Successors

The mythological story of the origin of Vietnamese culture is one of the most interesting parts. They’re especially proud of this story because, according to it, they’re all the successors of a powerful dragon. In this post, we’re revealing the captivating details of this incredibly popular traditional belief.

How does the story start?

Once upon a time, an incredibly strong god lived in Linh Nam. His name was Loc Tuc. Owed to his capability of living both on land and underwater, he really enjoyed swimming. One day, when he went swimming, he met Long Nu, the daughter of the Dragon King. They fell in love instantly. After a while, they got married and Long Nu gave birth to a son that was as strong and powerful as his father was – he could take the form of a man and a dragon. They named him Lac Long Quan.

But we’re still far from the happy end…

The monsters jeopardized the world of Lac Long Quan. He was worried about his people and wanted to save them. Due to his bravery and strength, some of the scariest monsters across the country were extermined. The evil giant tree spirit, the sea monster, the nine-tailed fox were only some of them.

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After the several-month lasting battles, he finally had a chance of teaching people how to live better. He showed them how to build homes and make weapons, prepare food and use fabric to make clothes. The love that people had for him made them believe he was their God. They even built him a palace on the top of the mountain but he didn’t want to live there. He came back to the underwater world, to take care of his parents. But people knew that they could count on him whenever they needed him.

The love story of Lac Long Quan

Impressed by the beauty of this area, the leader from the North decided to conquer it. That’s why Lac Long Quan went to talk to him and convince him not to do it.

However, the only thing he succeeded in was falling in love with Au Co, the leader’s daughter. He took her to his palace and provoked an immense anger of the Northern leader. Nevertheless, the Northern leader was too afraid to confront Lac Long Quan so he didn’t challenge him.

And then Au Co got pregnant…

She gave birth to a bundle that transformed into a hundred eggs which then hatched a hundred sons. As the time went by, they became handsome, intelligent, and strong. However, Lac Long Quan and Au Co weren’t as happy as they thought they would be – he craved for the deep sea and she was in love with the mountains. That’s why Lac Long Quan decided to move to underwater with 50 sons, while Au Co was supposed to stay in the mountains with the other 50 sons.

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In the end…

In spite of the separation of the sons, they were all considered the ancestors of the people of Vietnam – implying a unity based on respect and tolerance, regardless of all differences. Therefore, there’s no wonder why this mythological story is a significant aspect of Vietnamese identity.




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