Water Lily Spa At Bamboo Village: The Charms Of The Best Spa Treatments In Vietnam

Named 2018 Best Spa Resort Destination in Vietnam by Asian Lifestyle Tourism Awards, Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa has become the #1 a spa destination in Mui Ne.

On the one hand, at our Water Lily Spa, you can enjoy exquisite professional traditional and modern treatments of all kinds. On the other hand, the experience at Water Lily Spa goes even beyond the treatments, with the bamboo and water lily inspired interior. While the environment will inspire you to reconnect with nature, our amazing therapists will help you reconnect with yourselves, as well.

Do you want to get to know more about the most popular treatments at Water Lily Spa? Read on and find out what makes our treatments so special and unique.

The Best Spa Treatments In Vietnam

Water Lily Signature Facial

What makes our signature facial treatment incredibly popular among our guests is its effectiveness. And its amazing results are based on a complex mixture of amazing techniques.

The treatment is designed by the best therapists and it’s based on Asian acupressure, enhanced with different European techniques. Water Lily facial will naturally refresh and relax the skin of your face. At the same time, it will provide the one-of-a-kind antistress effect.

Physiodermie Detox & Lift Signature Facial

When it comes to skin rejuvenation, there is no better treatment than Physiodermie Detox & Lift. Developed and performed by highly-skilled therapists, this facial has multiple benefits.

Above all, it is a great help in the activation of collagen production. And this leads to an improved, youthful and refreshed complexion. These amazing effects are the results of some outstanding techniques, including facial muscle lifting and manual lymphatic drainage.

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Water Lily Body Massage

If you’re looking for a whole-body relaxation, this massage is definitely an experience not to miss. The ultimate relaxation that this treatment provides is owed to the mixture of Thai and foot massage techniques.

On the one hand, Thai massage will boost your energy. In addition, it may stimulate your circulation and relieve tension headaches, as well as back, muscle, and joint pain.

On the other hand, the foot massage techniques can help with speeding up wound healing. This part of massage may also help improve the quality of your sleep and prevent from depression.

Do You Want To Enjoy In The Best Spa Treatments In Vietnam A Bit Longer?

Finally, if you want to treat yourself with a whole-day relaxation experience for all your senses, you can do that, as well! At Bamboo Village Beach Resort & Spa, you can enjoy various spa programs that may last from half a day to up to multiple days. No matter whether you’re looking for facials, aromatherapy, muscle relief or detox treatments, here, at Water Lily Spa, you can have it all.

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